3 days Ago

Trash Free Trails: cleaning to reconnect

Although cycling may seem like an individual sport, it goes far beyond pedaling solo on remote trails. Cycling connects us not only with other cyclists, but also with the nature around us. From small gestures, such as moving a branch out of the way, to leaving positive comments on the cycling community’s networks, this activity […]

1 week Ago

Living trails in the heart of the Pyrenees

Exploring the network of trails that wind through the Aragonese Pyrenees is the dream of any mountain bike lover. In them, the essence of this discipline reaches its peak when the journey is intertwined with the epic and the routes go deep into the most remote nature. But to enjoy these journeys it takes passionate […]

2 months Ago

Flo, Wild and Orbea Enduro Team: 2023 UCI E-EDR champions for the second consecutive year

The UCI E-EDR World Cup is the pinnacle of Enduro racing for ebikes, where riders push their limits and machines reach their peak on MTB circuits and terrain around the world. Participating in this demanding, high-level race means making a commitment to pushing eMTBs to the limit. It allows us to seek new goals, remain […]

3 months Ago

Tweak and Tune

It is no secret that races are tighter than ever, with a few short seconds making the difference between a podium or a finish outside the top ten. Racers and teams spend hours and hours working on the smallest details to try and find those precious seconds. Part of this is finding the perfect set-up […]

3 months Ago

Flo and Wild conquer Loudenvielle

Loudenvielle, in the heart of the French Pyrenees, was the scene of a new milestone for the Orbea Fox Enduro Team, once again heading to the top of the podium of the Enduro competition par excellence. Flo Espiñeira has achieved another brilliant victory in the E-EDR with Wild and strengthens their lead in the overall […]

5 months Ago

Success at National Cycling Championships

Last weekend National Cycling Championships were held in various countries and the riders of the teams we support from Orbea shined in their respective competitions. We are proud to be part of their success and it confirms that we are on the right track by supporting teams that value young talent and cyclists with great […]

5 months Ago

Orbea Fox Enduro Team unleashes the wild side of Wild: Flo’s victory in Leogang!

Flo Espiñeira and Wild conquer Leogang and make EDR-E history. In a dazzling race, Flo has made their mark in the fourth round of the 2023 E-Enduro World Cup, taking the Orbea Fox Enduro Team to new heights. We warned you at the beginning of the season: we’re going all out in the Enduro World […]

6 months Ago

Pachamama: Bikepacking Buds

Bikepacking is a way of traveling by bicycle that combines adventure and freedom. The secret of its popularity lies in its simplicity and accessibility, a return to the traveler’s roots.

7 months Ago

Trail Tales: Merci Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the land of the epic. A perfect setting for trail riding. The place where you want to be with your Orbea

7 months Ago

Orbea Factory Team: first step in the World Cup

The moment of truth has arrived for the Orbea Factory Team. The World Cup is back and with it the excitement and adrenaline of XC racing at the highest level. It’s time to take the first big step and show that the UCI MTB World Cup circuits will be the team’s natural territory, right where they should be; a place where talent and dedication are always rewarded.

7 months Ago

OOLab expands its limits to develop ebikes of the future

Orbea Optimization Lab, the R&D program we launched in 2022, is expanding through a platform dedicated exclusively to developing and testing.

7 months Ago

Thanks for being part of Orbea

Today we want to recognize and thank the work of all those who work at Orbea, but especially those who work beyond our headquarters in Mallabia.

7 months Ago

What would the perfect eMTB be like?

At Orbea we have a very clear vision for our ebikes regardless of what category they fit into. Performance is the most important thing.

8 months Ago


As a bike lover, you are our priority. Our goal is to add value through our dealers, offering a unique shopping experience that is personalized and satisfying. We’ve trained our authorized dealers to become Geniuses in each of our bikes so that you can enjoy the best experience possible. At the same time we’ve renewed […]

8 months Ago


Back for another year, the 2023 Cape Epic was brimming with emotions. This ferocious test of physical and mental strength pushed Orbea cyclists to the limit, but teamwork, a fighting spirit and, above all, their passion for MTB brought them back atop the podium. ORBEA IS MEANT FOR RACING AND VICTORY, BUT AS IMPORTANT AS […]

9 months Ago


Going for broke in the UCI Enduro World Cup Talent, motivation and the best enduro equipment join forces in the new Orbea Fox Enduro Team season. You already know the team philosophy: the limit is just a bit further. That’s why 2023 will be special. WE’RE BRINGING IT ALL THIS 2023: GOING FOR THE UCI […]

9 months Ago


Orbea’s history has been written by pioneering, courageous and determined women who have made the company we know today possible. More than 50 years ago, the founding members of the co-op did not hesitate to launch into the metalworks industry dominated by men. THEIR DETERMINATION AND VISION OF THE FUTURE HAVE LED US TO BECOME […]

9 months Ago


Orbea and UNICEF come together again to continue building a more equitable world. Our cooperative nature leads us to establish alliances with organizations that share our values and commitments. This purpose has led us to participate in the “Right to water in the classroom” project, which seeks to guarantee access to water in schools and […]

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