Build It Up

The Road to Success is Paved with Knowledge

Our dealers are a key part of the Orbea family, and their knowledge forms a vital part of the experience of buying a bike and the after sales services.

Supplying our retail partners with the latest product and brand knowledge means that they can confidently help riders with their purchasing experience, and also react quickly and efficiently when sales issues arise. However, having dealers all around the world presents a challenge;

How do we ensure everyone has access to the same training and learning tools?

How do we go about helping our dealers learn all about Orbea and our products so they can help Orbea riders worldwide?

Worldwide Training Tool

Around seven years ago, we developed a special e-training tool to ensure that all Orbea workers and representatives around the world have access to the latest and best information about our products and our company.

This tool helps our staff learn through a series of exercises, videos, quizzes, and documents, and by completing sections, they can gain badges and win prizes. 

Incentivising Learning

To reward Orbea staff for their commitment, we offer incentive programs, encouraging them to develop their knowledge about our bikes, brand and demo programs. In April 2022, we launched our “Build It Up” incentive program, and now we want to congratulate the winner, Henrik Svetsnoff, Orbea distributor in Funäsdalen, Sweden.

We are delighted to present Henrik with his prize, a brand-new Rise.

And thanks to everyone who took part; stay tuned because we will announce our next incentive program shortly.

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