Do you already own an electric mountain bike? We’ve compiled a list of general maintenance tips for proper care of your eMTB so it looks (and rides) as good as it did when you bought it.

Preventative maintenance is key to the longevity, performance and durability of your ebike.


Checking your ebike’s components before any ride is a healthy habit to get into. By establishing this habit, you’ll anticipate potential issues before they become a bigger problem.


An ebike’s chain sees more wear and tear than a conventional bike since the force of the motor causes an increase in chain tension. We recommend changing the chain frequently in order to prevent damage to more valuable components, like the cassette. Is the chain clogged with dirt? Is it making a lot of noise when you’re pedaling? Is it dry? The solution: frequently removing dirt with a small brush and lubricating the chain with lube based on the riding conditions.


The extra weight of the bike and the force of the engine demands more from the entire braking system, which means the brake pads see a lot of wear. Check the pad thickness and any uneven wear before each ride, and make sure the brake system works properly.


Look for possible damage to the sides of your tires and adjust their pressure depending on the terrain. Excessive pressure can cause bouncing and a lack of traction on rough terrain. Alternatively, too little pressure causes more friction with the ground and wears your tires down prematurely. In both cases, the battery will drain quicker than it should.

Turning your wheels detects potential deviations or wobbles. Also, wiggle the spokes and the quick release levers to check for correct tension.


While keeping the bike still, get on the bike and stand on the pedals. Apply both front and rear brakes and balance the bike, turning the handlebars left and right. Any slight bumps or abnormal sensations could indicate slack in the steering, on the rotor, on the brake calipers, wear on the axles and more.


Watch the bearings on the wheels, the handlebars and the bottom bracket for resistance and listen for any grinding. Periodically check that they rotate freely without lateral play. If not, replace them immediately to avoid damaging the frame. If your ebike has dual suspension, check the bearings at all the pivot points.


Cleaning, lubricating and good battery care are keys to ensuring the life of your ebike.

After finishing a ride, remove the battery and handlebar display, wipe them with a dry cloth to remove any grime and store in a safe, dry place. If the display is fixed to your bike, protect it with a clean cloth.


Watch out for water! Avoid direct pressure when washing the bike, as water could leak into critical areas like the motor housing, bushings and bearings. We recommend giving your bike a bath using a sponge and mild soap.

Do not overdo it with degreasers either. If you do use a degreaser, use it sparingly and opt for a citrus-based degreaser since they are biodegradable and kinder (but effective) on your components.

Completely dry your bike with a dry cloth. Compressed air is effective but could introduce water to critical points on your ebike.

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Lubricate the chain with a product adapted to your riding conditions (dry, wet or universal).

If your bike has suspension, use a silicone-based lube and gently spray it on the fork and shock stanchions. Actuate these components two or three times to distribute the lube evenly until the components feel smooth.

Ensure that no lubricant touches the brake rotors or pads.


It’s a good habit to charge your battery when you return from every ride. Do not charge your battery when the ambient temperate is outside the 10-40º C range (50-104º F).

Do not charge the battery for more than 8 hours in a row without supervision. If you’re transporting your bike, avoid doing it in adverse weather conditions, as the electrical components could be damaged.

Also remember, usage in low temperatures can drain the battery quickly.

If you decide to store your bike for a period of time, remove the handlebar screen and battery. Store it in a dry place between 10-20º C (50-68º F) and charged at 30-60% of its capacity; never store the battery on an empty charge.

Finally, we recommend that you carry out a diagnostic test of the electrical system (battery, motor and peripherals) at an authorized dealer once or twice a year to properly check your bike’s status and install any possible firmware updates.

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Our line of electric mountain bikes are fitted with Bosch motors that don’t require a specific maintenance program, but it may be subject to updates, which are addressed during the recommended diagnostic visit to an authorized dealer.

In any case, we strongly suggest you follow the precautionary measures for the components listed above to ensure your ebike is in total working order.

By nature of any product, mileage, water, dust and mud can cause wear and tear on bearings and other internal parts.

We recommend reviewing these maintenance tips periodically.

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You can find more info about caring for your ebike in the technical manual for each model, which we call Blue Papers. They are available in the support section on our website and also on the product page for each model.

You can also find them here in PDF form: Wild FSWildKeram MTB.

Additionally, we recommend that you read the manual from the manufacturer of the electrical system, which you can do via this link.

For more in-depth maintenance or to resolve any questions, we recommend you contact your nearest dealer.

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