Flo Espiñeira: from the mountain range to the top of the EWS-E

Dreams do come true and, if not, tell Flo Espiñeira. From the hill of her native Chile to the Olympus of the EWS-E, Flo’s path has been long and not without a few bumps and obstacles. Their ultimate success of winning the EWS-E is the result of hard work, tenacity and unwavering belief in himself. Today, Flo Espiñeira climbs to the top of the podium and assesses the path they traveled to get here.

Opportunities must be found

An opportunity arrived from none other than the Pinkbike Academy after several years of competing. Flo Espiñeira won the 2021 edition, a victory that catapulted them to sign with the Orbea FOX Enduro Team and compete once again in the Enduro World Series.

Still don’t know her story?

A first season to remember

The Orbea FOX Enduro Team gave Flo the opportunity to return to the elite level of Enduro, and Flo did not miss the chance. Strength and reliability have been the hallmarks of Flo’s riding in their first year with the team. Thanks to a fourth-place win and four second places in a row, Flo climbed to the top of the EWS-E podium.

“I’m very happy, but I’m looking forward to continue working for next season”.

Flo Espiñeira – Orbea Fox Enduro Team Rider

This final victory comes with double merit, as its their first season competing in the electric category. There are no secrets to achieving this feat, but a perfect union with their inseparable Wild FS was an explosive tool on their way to the top.

The winning bike of the EWS-E

Every great rider always has a great bike behind them. This is the case with Flo Espiñeira’s Wild FS, a perfect bike to rediscover your wild side; a machine that offers so much more than power.

“This Wild FS tasted the fresh loam of the EWS venues”

“My Wild FS adapted to all types of terrain; from the mud of Tweed Valley to the rocks and dust of Finale Ligure”

This is Flo Espiñeira’s bike. A Wild FS, size S-M, assembled with the team sponsors’ components, painted in Metallic Jade Green, one of the many options available on our MyO personalization tool.

Want this bike to be all yours?

Now is your chance to win this top bike from the EWS-E. Enter the drawing to win Flo Espiñeira’s Wild FS and dream big!

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