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The #Orbea500challenge is already underway. One of the challenges we suggest in our Orbea Strava club is to pedal at least 500 km on a roller.

We want to help you make this activity a true cycling experience, so we have a few recommendations for you.

For this challenge, you will need your bike (road or MTB) and a roller. Easy, right?

If you have an interactive roller, you’ll also need a good Internet connection. Different training programs are available that let you connect your device to the Internet. This way, you can simulate outdoor training sessions, sign up for virtual teams and compete with other cyclists from around the world.

What types of rollers are there?

Classic rollers.

They have no bicycle mounting system, and the wheels are in direct contact with the rollers. A certain amount of skill is required in order to pedal safely; this can be mastered in a few short sessions. The advantage is that they are easy to use and do not require any additional equipment.

Classic trainers.

This type of roller requires the bicycle to be attached to it by pressure on the rear wheel. It normally has a longer quick release for the rear wheel that replaces the one that comes standard on the bicycle (usually for rim brake bicycles).This complementary quick release will fit much better with the shape of the roller than the one that comes standard on your bicycle. Sometimes the standard quick release is compatible, but it is still recommended to use the quick release that comes with the roller. Some of these rollers are compatible with power meters.

If your bicycle is equipped with the Thru axle system (usually on disc brake bicycle), you’ll need a specific Thru axle or an adapter that adapts the contact point to the conical shape of the roller support. There are many different ones available on the market and it is important to make sure you have the right one. Please refer to the dimensions of your original axle to identify the one you need.

If you have an Orca OMX, you’ll need the following part:11100101 OMX

11100101 OMX

Be careful with this type of roller to avoid any point of contact between the roller and the carbon structure of the bicycle. This could damage the frame.

Oreka Training

On the other hand, we propose what’s known as Oreka Training. This patented system will make your training sessions appear extremely realistic. The bike is placed on a belt that hides some rollers.

The cyclist has total control over the belt, which permits natural balancing, even standing up on the pedals. A rear fastening system provides security, integrating a sensor that stops the belt when the pedaling stops.

Oreka Training is also compatible with standard simulation applications on the market. This way, you can ride anywhere in the world, without leaving the house.

The roller is capable of simulating the slope of any climb, offering more than 2,000 watts of power, making it the ideal tool for interval training. What’s more, allowing cyclists to train on their bikes in their natural position prevents overexertion and injuries.

Direct drive trainers

This type of trainer requires you to remove the rear wheel and mount the bicycle directly on the roller. Before mounting the bicycle, you’ll need to mount a cassette on the roller hub so that the trainer perfectly simulates what it is like to ride on a bicycle. Most of these models come with adapters for any type of rear triangles and axles.

If you have any other type of bicycle that you want to use on a roller, we recommend you check your requirements here:


Make sure the multimedia cables are not around your pedals and that you multimedia device is firmly fastened or on a table.

Then check your connection with the virtual platform you’ve chosen to ensure a pleasant experience.

What do I need?

Be sure to wear summer cycling apparel, since the room temperature will increase quickly.

We recommend the following basic equipment:

-Summer cycling jersey and bib short.


-Water bottle.

-A towel/foam to protect the frame (sweat can be very corrosive, especially around the cockpit). Protect your bike while training and take the time to dry sweaty areas after you’ve finished).

-A chest belt to monitor your heart rate.

Some trainers give you the option to train with power data and can help you manage your training. You can also listen to music for extra motivation.

Are Orbea frames ready for use on home trainers?

Our frames can be used on any type of trainer. Carbon frames meet the quality requirements for the strength and fatigue tests we subject them to, which are not specific to use on a roller. It bears mentioning that you must use the right accessories to attach your bicycle to the trainer, in order to prevent any contact between the roller and the carbon structure that can cause damage.

Can I please start riding?

Open the window for a breath of fresh air or turn on a fan to keep cool. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, since your body temperature will increase quickly.

Start pedaling and enjoy the ride. Share your activity with the Orbea community for a chance at some great prizes.

Repeat again and again, as often as you want during this difficult period. Be sure to vary the intensity, don’t overdo it and train in different disciplines.

We recommend riding for an hour and doing some exercises to increase your heart rate and watts without exhausting yourself.

Cardio and power training will help you regulate your effort and you can use this information to work on different techniques (speed, strength, pedaling technique).

Remember to stay well-hydrated during and after exercise.

Visit our spare parts section if you need anything else for your bike!


Let’s ride


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