Orbea Indoor 500 Challenge


Life, like sports, is a constant challenge, a fight against the elements. We’re living in difficult times, but nothing is going to stop us. Together, we’re going to try to make this situation more bearable. We propose a challenge to continue your sports activity from home:

The Orbea Indoor 500 Challenge!

What does it involve?

Remember this number: 500. We propose, until March 31st, bringing out the roller and pedaling 500 km (310 miles) over these days.

You just need to access Strava, join our Orbea club and sign up for the event we’ve created. Remember its name: Orbea Indoor 500 Challenge. Start to record your training sessions and save them under the subject line #Orbea500Challenge so we can keep track of your activity. In addition, don’t forget to configure the privacy of your sessions on the application as “public”.

If, in addition to taking part, you think you’re the first one to reach 500 km (310 miles), send us a notification to check whether you’re an outstanding cyclist.

Don’t have an indoor trainer, or want to mix it up a bit?

If your local health organizations are encouraging you to ride outside as long as you observe distance and safety recommendations, your outdoor activities can count to the 500km (310 miles) total.

Don’t have a roller? Do you prefer to take advantage of the time for other sports?

No problem! You can also participate in the challenge taking part in any other training activity: yoga, treadmill, elliptical trainer, etc. For this option, select “training” in Strava.

In these cases, we suggest the challenge of accumulating 500 minutes of physical activity before March 31st, using the same hashtag #Orbea500Challenge for each session.

It’s easy: just half an hour per day of training will be enough to meet your goal. If the confinement doesn’t end after 15 days, we’ll repeat it. We don’t want to get out of shape, right?


After using Strava, you can participate in the Orbea Indoor 500 Challenge on Instagram and Facebook (entering in our We Are Orbea community). Simply record a video or take a picture of your sports activity at home and share on your favorite network.

Don’t forget to accompany your post with the hashtag #Orbea500Challenge

Of course, we’ll reward your participation with important gifts. We’ll award cycling gear and casual apparel from among the best contributions, both on Strava and the other social networks.

As far as participation on Strava goes:


-We will randomly award an Orbea kit to one lucky winner among those who reach 500km (310 miles) on the roller.

-We will randomly award an Orbea Factory Team kit among those who reach 500 minutes of physical activity.

-We will randomly award a Cape Epic kit among those who join the event.

-We will award an Orbea kit to whoever reaches 500km (310 miles) on the roller first.

As far as participation on the Instagram and Facebook social networks:

-We will randomly award an Orbea casual apparel pack to among those who upload the most original photo.

-We will randomly award a Cape Epic casual apparel pack to among those who upload the most original video.

-We will randomly award a casual apparel pack to among those who share their activity as a family.


We want to be near you during such an exceptional time. These days, we’ll broadcast live videos on Instagram to make your life a little more pleasant. Orbea ambassadors, people from our teams and partners will share a wide variety of contents. An entertaining schedule to make the wait a little more bearable.

Want to know the upcoming events for the coming days?

What’s more, we’ll have support from our partner brands, with whom we’ll also try to surprise you. But this is something we’ll reveal day by day.

In short, we’re not going to let you be overcome by boredom or the lack of activity. Much less by disease!

In this sense, a big applause from Orbea for those who are fighting and managing the health crisis currently underway. And of course all our support for those who are suffering or will suffer from this disease themselves.

We’ll bounce back even stronger. The Orbea Indoor 500 Challenge has already started and nothing is going to stop us.

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