The time has finally come.

The lucky person who is going to become the Orbea ambassador for 2020 is…

Hold on a moment.

Before letting you know, we feel obliged to thank the participation of those people who have contributed to turn this #OrbeaChallenges into a marvellous canvas on which to portray dreams and aspirations.

Thanks, thanks and a thousand times thanks.

For another year, we are able to see that it’s the passion that unites us and that the imagination of our cycling community is limitless.

We could make an endless list of the challenges you’ve shared with us this month. Adventures with your partners, challenges linked to sports that have little to do with cycling, charitable causes, professional aspirations, cycling goals, changes in lifestyle and even the search for happiness.

We have to confess that we feel moved. Moved because we see ourselves reflected in them. In your challenges we recognize many of the values we defend in our own undertaking: effort, sacrifice, the will to succeed, courage, humility, devotion, dedication. That’s why, it´s been so difficult to make a decision.

You know that we’ve also involved ourselves in this #OrbeaChallenges. We have shared with you our organisation’s challenges for this year. Our social media are sizzling with the challenges set by our teams and regular ambassadors. Overcoming the insurmountable, innovating, promoting women’s cycling, taking Fundación Euskadi to the very top, enjoying our passion…


We’re not going to keep you waiting any longer. It’s been tough, but we’re happy with the result.

The winner of the #OrbeaChallenges and this year’s Orbea ambassador is… ¡Melanie Van Campfort!

Melanie, who’s 18 years old, lives in the Belgian town of Mol, near Antwerp. She’s a big cycling fan, mountain as well as on road.

“My big challenges for this year are: to move up a category in MTB, ride a 12-hour resistance race on a road bike and promote women’s cycling”

Melanie lives this sport with passion. “I’m very motivated -she adds- and I’ll do everything I can to accomplish my goals”.

Congratulations Melanie, and welcome to the big Orbea family. Together we’ll manage to make you dreams come true.

There’s no doubt that it’s going to be an unforgettable year.


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