31 March, 2020

Closer to You in Exceptional Times

Ship your bicycle to your door

These are times of great uncertainty. In our 180-year history, we have faced several unexpected turns that have forced us to reinvent ourselves. Today, reality is putting us to the test once again; not just our cooperative, but society as a whole and of course the bicycle industry. Circumstances force us all to look for new solutions.

As a result, we are launching a new service that complements the contemporary shopping experience at Orbea. From now on, more than ever, you decide how to shop.

For the past several years, our Click & Collect service offered the opportunity to buy online and pick up the bike from an authorized Orbea Retailer. This method combines the ease of online shopping with support from an expert – an experienced retailer who can provide advice and professionally adjust and maintain your Orbea. In short, a place to return to for anything you need.

Today, we’re taking it a step further

We now offer you the option to receive your bike at home, with no additional cost and the same professional guarantees from Orbea.

We are all feeling restrictions in every country to a lesser or greater extent, but we also know that you want your Orbea as soon as possible. Likewise, many dealers have had to temporarily close until we conquer this virus. In the meantime, we’ve arrived at an exciting solution. Even while they are closed, these shops will continue to receive the support of our brand and the normal, full commission associated with Click & Collect bicycle purchases in their area.

And for you, once life returns to normal, the Orbea Retailer near you will continue to be your service point for anything related to your bicycle. Nobody better than our dealers to advise you and provide the most personalized service possible, both during the purchasing process and after the sale. You can still turn to them with questions or anything related to your Orbea or your passion for cycling.

Until that time, stores will continue to have the full support of our brand and will enjoy the usual remuneration they are used to receiving from Orbea.


Start by creating an account through the link in the main menu, confirm your email address and create a password. You can do this right before you confirm your order, but it’s more convenient to do so from the very beginning.


After creating an account, you can browse the site and choose your favorite bike model. Once you’ve selected it on the product page, you can view the estimated shipping date. Once you’ve chosen the size and color, you’ll confirm by adding your bike to the shopping cart.

Next complete the shipping information – you will be prompted to indicate a pickup location. Here, you should select your local Orbea Click & Collect dealer so you can activate your warranty and take advantage of after-sales service and support.

Once you’ve reached this point, you will be presented with two options. And here comes the new part:

You can opt to pick up your bicycle at the shop, like always, or choose the new home shipping option.

Once the process is complete, just choose your payment method and confirm the order. You’ll receive an automatic email confirming your purchase, along with order details. Later on, we’ll send a new message confirming the shipment of your bike from our factory, with an estimated delivery date.

At any point, you can log in and access your registration at orbea.com to see the status of your order in real time, as well as order details: estimated delivery date, description of the bike, purchase date, etc.

You’ll receive your Orbea packed in a special box, professionally assembled to the same standards observed by our Click & Collect retailers. Your Orbea will need final adjustment to your measurements and we’ll include an informative video so it’s easy for you to complete the process. Of course, you must use your Orbea responsibly and according to local and national government regulations.

You can go to your dealer for a quick review to fine-tune the fit and function of your bike and, later, schedule a free first tune-up.

We are optimistic about this new challenge – and welcome you to a new level of service that makes life a little easier. Enjoy!

* Home delivery service is available in certain countries in Europe