Orbea Enduro Team takes its countries to the podium!

What better way to end a weekend than with two National Champions on the Orbea FOX Enduro Team?

The National Enduro Championships were held over the weekend, in which the riders of the Orbea FOX Enduro Team participated.

Gabriel Torralba raced close to home on familiar terrain at the Spanish Enduro Championship. Torralba was the fastest rider to complete all five timed sections, covering a total distance of 38 km and 1,750 meters of elevation gain. Edgar Carballo was close on his heels, just 31 seconds behind Torralba, and took second place on the podium.

Vid Persak also flew against the clock, earning the Slovenian Champion title. Team manager Primoz also wanted a taste of adrenaline and raced in the Master’s category in Slovenia. And Damien Oton finished eigth in the French Championship.

With the team warmed up, they are ready to tackle the last two EWS races on their Orbea Rallons. Next stop, Italy!

On the women’s side, Orbea Factory Team racer Sandra Jordá Pascó rose to the podiumin third place during the Spanish Enduro Championship. Congrats to all!

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