21 February, 2020


The Orbea Instagram Challenge is drawing to a close.

Before anything else, we want to thank you. You’ve answered the call to create and customize your ideal bike via our website. And you’ve done it while far exceeding our expectations for yet another year. You’re the best!

The four members of our panel of judges have given us their decision. We have a verdict, so we can now share with you the 16 bikes that will move on to the final round of the competition. Here is what the eliminatory rounds look like with the final candidates for victory.

It hasn't been easy, because all of this has meant much more than just a simple selection of designs. The bikes you sent in represented a way of understanding the sport. We could even say that they reflect a way of interpreting life; they have a soul all their own.

The decision was an important one, and we decided to be very strict in our procedures. We set up a panel of judges with a tremendous amount of experience in areas concerning bicycle personalization: two top-level riders and two members of the Orbea team in Mallabia. Never has so much talent come together to decide a cycling challenge.


“It’s obvious that people are taking this very seriously; the designs are exquisite, and they’ve gone all out on the components.”Purito Rodriguez says he felt “overwhelmed” by the large number of designs, combinations and configurations. His favorite models are: two Orca OMX (sent in by Alejandro Barquin and Jean-Marc Docquier), Orca Aero (Christian Franzke) and Oiz (Luis Bañares).

“I come from road competition, so I tend to choose bikes that are along that line: aerodynamic, lightweight, climbers, and if it's possible, eye-catching. I loved the two models of Orca OMX and the ingenious way the colors were combined with the fork patterns. I’ve also chosen a beautiful Orca Aero, with a more aggressive design that transmits speed. I love that combination of dark shades with DT Swiss wheels and a good profile, which are one of my weaknesses. It’s eye-catching, but not overdone. And finally, I decided on an Oiz, a model I really identify with today. In this case, I’ve opted for a more solemn, but very elegant design.”


Marina Arri, graphic designer in the Orbea’s Product and Innovation Department, admits she was “surprised” by the level of the designs received and recognizes how difficult her choice has been.”It’s something that’s very subjective, since I don't defend any specific design at any cost: elegant combinations or thug-like ones can work perfectly well. From among the thousands of designs we’ve received these weeks, I’ve selected the 4 that got my attention the most, for the balance of shades and the character they give each frame.”

Marina has opted for the following models: Wild FS (sent in by Charles Miller), Orca OMX (Thibaut Ouarnier), Occam (Normen Deutschmann) and Gain (Cosmin Bondane).


From the Assembly Department of our factory in Mallabia, Ion Larrañaga Kaxka praised the audacity of the proposals submitted; not only from an appearance perspective, but especially with regard to components and ergonomics.

Kaxka has made the following choice: Orca OMX (sent in by Fabienne Cypers), Terra (Ramón Coscolin), Rallon (Gareth Horn) and Wild FS (Manuel González).

Our colleague explained his decision, in which “elegance” was an important factor:”The combination and elegance of the Wild FS is what I liked the most,” he indicated. The Rallon is a bike that begs to be ridden hard, so I’ve chosen a model of cheerful, yet at the same time aggressive combinations. With regard to the Terra, I also liked the elegance and the soundness of the assembly. As for the Orca, what can I say about the crown jewel? I love the simplicity of the model and here too, the elegance of the color selection.”


Finally, the Danish KMC Orbea champ recognizes that she saw herself “reflected in many of the proposals received.”

“Among the many designs we have received,” Malene comments, “I concentrated on those that got my attention from an appearance perspective. I like the bicycles a lot that have powerful color combinations and I’ve tried to choose models that matched my idea. At the same time, I also valued those that include a personal touch. A good design is one that stands out on the trail, but also one that gets noticed on Instagram and makes you click Like.”

In this sense, the customized bikes chosen by Malene are: Alma (sent in by Adam Benjamin Calin), Oiz (David Estopiñán), Occam (Claudia Herwig) and Avant (Ismael Serrano).

Congratulations to those lucky finalists and thanks again to everyone who has participated.


From now on, the eliminatory rounds will be held among the selected designs. Starting on February 24, it will be the votes of our Instagram followers that make the decision. The head-to-head eliminations between the candidates will be held every 24 hours via Instagram Stories. This means that on the 24th, starting at 12:00 pm, the round of sixteen will be held; the quarter finals on the 25th; and the semi-finals on the 26th. This all leads up to the grand finale, which will be held on the 27th.

The winner of the ORBEA INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE 3 will be announced on February 28.The prize: your ideal bicycle delivered to you and a visit to the Orbea factory in Mallabia. The excitement is building…