You’ve done it once again. For yet another year, we feel your alliance. The Orbea Instagram Challenge 3 has ended, with a level of participation that has once again exceeded our expectations.

The passion for cycling knows no bounds. Or limits to the imagination and creativity. We’ve received designs from every corner of the world: Belgium, Germany, Austria, United States, Romania, India, Japan, South Africa…The list is endless.

Hundreds of people have answered our call. They’ve all dedicated part of their time to imagining their bicycle and designing it through Orbea's website.

The third edition of the Orbea Instagram Challenge has allowed us to see just how it’s possible to personalize to the max, to create the bicycle that best meets your needs and demands, regardless of the type of cycling you do.

With your contributions, you’ve made it tough for our panel of judges. From among all the designs, they had to choose their 16 favorite to go on to the final round of the challenge. Their decision has not been an easy one and the selection process was conducted with utmost rigor. The chosen bikes moved on to the final rounds: the round of sixteen, quarter finals, semi-finals and the final round. There, two models faced off: the mountain bike created by David Estopiñán, against the road bike designed by Christian Franzke .Both designs have fought it out in the grand finale on Instagram Stories. It was clear to us that it was you who would decide the final verdict.

The winner of the Orbea Instagram Challenge 3 is David Estopiñán.

Want to know which was his ideal bicycle created with MyO?

David Estopiñán will visit the Orbea factory in Mallabia and receive in person the bicycle he designed. Besides receiving an exclusive bike, he will see firsthand the process involved in its manufacture. He’ll have a genuine Orbea experience.


In addition to the contribution of our riders, we must also mention our dealers. They are part of our family, so we wanted them to participate in the contents, too. That’s why we organized the Orbea Instagram Challenge for Dealers. Hundreds sent in their ingenious personalized proposals. We chose 8 finalist bicycles that we put to a vote in our We Are Orbea community in Instagram.

And the community has made their decision. MJ Cycles is the winning dealer of the Orbea Instagram Challenge 3, a Belgian bike shop located in Gozée (in the Charleroi region) and an Orbea collaborator for 15 years. “It was quite unexpected, given the enormous level and participation of dealers from all the different countries”, points out manager, Benjamin Depasse.

“Personalization is our main focus -he adds from MJ Cycles-, its human dimension as well as exchanging of experiences, this tool will allow us to offer our customers an even better service”.

And as regards the winning Alma bike model, Benjamin points out: “I like the aesthetic purity of a mountain bike without suspension. And regarding its colour combination, the green and yellow is a tribute to the Lotus F1 of the 60s; I think the end result looks very elegant”.

We share the winning design with you below. The prize: a fabulous MyO corner for their shop, to let your imagination run wild and experience Orbea personalization on the big screen.


These have been some very exciting weeks. We’ve followed the progress of the voting closely, trying to guess (us too!) which designs and which bikes would make it to the grand finale. It concludes a month in which we have been very attentive to your activity on MyO. We were very curious. We have to confess that at Orbea, you’ve been the center of attention over the last few weeks. We had our favorite bikes, and we also enjoyed this challenge. It’s been incredible!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The end of the Orbea Instagram Challenge 3 means the end of the contest, but it is also the starting point for us to keep in touch. Because this is proof that together, things are much more fun. Why not use this event as an excuse to continue to share our passion for cycling? We’ll wait for you in our community: We Are Orbea en Instagram (@WeAreOrbea).A family of 30,000 people who share a passion and the best photos and videos related to the Orbea universe.

We invite you to share, too. There are always surprises in store.

Enter Instagram and take a look at the gallery of bike pictures that, thanks to MyO, are invading the roads and trails around the world. You can share the limelight, too. Simply take a picture with your bike, upload it and label it with the hashtag #MyOrbea. There’s no excuse not to keep on sharing our passion. Let the whole world know about it!




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