How has YouTube changed your life? We want to know your perspective, and we’re giving you the perfect platform to share your views.

YouTube has changed us in ways we never thought. On January 21, 2010, we started an incredible journey when we uploaded our first video to the Orbea channel. Ten years and 670 videos later, we’ve changed a lot with the times.

We have learned and grown together; more that we could have ever imagined. We have over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and we want to celebrate that milestone with you. Thanks for being a partner on this adventure!

We’ve interviewed celebrities from the world of cycling, shared knowledge from Orbea employees, surprised you with new bike launches, documented races and competitions from the inside and learned to improve our cycling techniques. All of this while finding laughs and inspiration together.

Excitement, education and entertainment have—and will continue to be—our goal with every video we create. But our vision goes much further than that. We read your comments and listen to your feedback so we can better understand your concerns, your interests and your motivations.

We’re transparent. We are encouraged by your likes and we strive to do better with your dislikes. We want to continue enjoying this journey alongside you, and we depend on your participation do to more of what we all enjoy.

YouTube has revolutionized the way we express who we are and who we want to be. And while video might be a newer way of getting our message out, our message is always the same: find new ways to bring you happiness.


As part of our Orbea Indoor 500 Challenge, we’re introducing a new game.

Tell us how YouTube has changed your life.

Don’t think twice about it. We’ll use the most original submissions to compile a user- generated video, created by Orbea ambassadors, employees and you. The result might surprise you.

It’s easy to participate. Simply follow these steps:

1. Hold your phone horizontally, film in selfie mode with just you or along with your friends, and record your answer to our prompt.

2. What can I talk about? Your answer can involve cycling, other hobbies, skills you’ve learned, content you’d like to see, your favorite channels, how YouTube is useful, what kind of videos make you laugh or cry, or even a funny story involving YouTube. Anything goes. Just try to make sure it’s in good taste.

3. Does it need to be a super professional video? No. We just want to know about your perspective on YouTube. It doesn’t need to be very long, either; 20- 40 seconds would be perfect. Pay attention to the lighting (not too dark, not too bright) and try not to move your phone too much.

4. How do I send in the video? Let your creativity run wild and send us your video via WhatsApp to the following number : (+34) 663 713 236.

Let’s see how inspired the cycling truly is. Share your answer and you, too, can form a part of Orbea’s lasting history on YouTube.

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