The presentation of Euskadi Foundation for the new season is the debut of a sports, social and cultural project. An opportunity to assert the values that distinguishes its character, because that’s what Euskadi Foundation is, a way of understanding life.

We are talking about a socio-cultural organisation that commenced in 1993 with the explicit aim of promoting, fostering, disseminating and developing the sport of Basque cycling. A private endeavour, sustained thanks to the voluntary contribution of over 1,500 associates and collaborating entities; among these, Orbea.

From our cooperative, we boast about our commitment with the project. We have put our heart and all our technology at the service of Basque cycling. And will continue to do so.


The move up in category (Pro Team) allows us to race on the World Tour, in events such as the Volta a Catalunya or Itzulia (Tour of the Basque Country). The director of the professional team, Jorge Azanza, recognises that “the Foundation's project is generating enormous enthusiasm. Everything is coming to the surface again -he adds- and we must respond like warriors and be combative. These are the hallmarks of our identity”.

Juanjo Lobato, an experienced cyclist and called to be a reference in the sprints is one of the incorporations to the team. “It’s very difficult to find a team where most of your teammates live within a radius of 50/80 km. It’s something that strengthens your sense of belonging to the team and very important for training and achieving results”.

As his teammate Ibai Azurmendi acknowledges: “We’re a family”, he assures. Ibai is a home rider brought up in the Foundation and embodies the purest essence of the team. “For me -he adds-, it’s an honour and a pride to wear this orange jersey, go out training and carry the whole history of the Foundation on my shoulders. I want to give my all and contribute to putting the organisation into the top positions”.


We want to continue growing, but always faithful to our principles. Our goal, is to offer an attractive and future project for the promising riders of Basque cycling, from the sports as well as personal side. Therefore, we are strengthening the under-23 as well as our women’s squad in 2020.

Our commitment for women’s cycling is, precisely, one of our big challenges. As a result of this commitment, Euskadi Foundation's women were able to do their pedalling for the team for the first time in 2019.

Míriam Gardachal (21 years old) is one of the riders. “Our goal is to transfer the Foundation's values onto the road, personal values such as humility, teamwork or companionship”.

Motivation certainly isn’t lacking the under-23 team. A group of young promising riders personalising the enormous illusion that’s linked to the project. A team with a renowned tradition for success and an exponent of our grass roots. For another year, they will pursue a dream on the roads of the Basque Country. The dream of becoming professionals and make that leap into the first team, just like Iker Ballarín has this year.


As you can see, the reference to grass roots cycling is constant and exceeds just its sporting aspect. We strive to improve the lives of the people who surround us.

In this sense, one of the activities in which the Foundation is involved are the Popular Cycling Events. In collaboration with the Town Councils, cyclists from all walks of life fill the streets with a twofold objective: promote the use of a sustainable mode of transport and employ the funds for supporting charitable causes.

Ultimately, we are moved by the passion, conviction of Euskadi Foundation's great history which remains to be written. We would also like you to form part of it. Your enthusiasm can contribute to turn Basque cycling into something even greater.

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