31 January, 2024

Pushing Rise past the limit in WES

The WES (World E-bike Series) circuit was created in 2019 to provide new visibility to electric mountain biking. The series features races for both professionals and amateurs and this year, there were 6 rounds in Europe, (Monaco, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium). The format of these races resembles what you know in Olympic cross-country: a loop of 3 to 4 km repeated 7 or 8 times, with an average elevation gain of about 1000 metres. Mass starts are used, and the first to cross the finish line wins.

As you can see, this type of race is very spectacular and easy to follow. The trail is designed to match the abilities of the riders, but more importantly, the capabilities of their machines. The result is more than spectacular, especially given the relatively high average speeds, always above 20 km/h. The WES circuit crowns a winner of the World Cup in this discipline each season and awards points for participation in the World Championship in this discipline. This series is under the auspices of the famous International Cycling Union.

The Ultimate Testing Ground for E-Bikes


This series of races demands top performance in many aspects of our bikes.. The frame must be versatile enough to climb with ease but also withstand the toughest obstacles in technical downhill sections. It requires a suitable geometry, perfectly tuned suspensions, and an impeccable motorization to maintain high performance during high-intensity conditions, even over a prolonged period. We believe there’s no more demanding test than this type of race.

Pushing Rise past the limit in WES
Pushing Rise past the limit in WES

These types of competitions offer the perfect place to develop cutting edge electronic systems. Additionally, significant constraints are placed on the entire drivetrain, including the chain, cassette, and derailleur. The equipment must be extremely robust to endure such treatment while maintaining precision.


Lastly, weight is a crucial factor. Finding the perfect compromise between power output, battery capacity, and the ability of the machine to manage them, all while remaining as lightweight as possible, is essential.

Pushing Rise past the limit in WES

Developing the Bikes of the Future


WES and EDR-E allow us to push the boundaries of our bikes even further. The unique and specific format of cross-country Ebike racing is undoubtedly the best way to test the capabilities of our system, especially in terms of motorization and electronics.
We aim to test different configurations, looking to find the perfect balance of climbing, descending and that natural feel for Rise.


Every detail matters. WES allows us to optimise the bike in terms of the drivetrain, electronic system, chassis, and all components. The databases our engineers collect during these competitions will undoubtedly help us develop even more high-performance bikes. These machines are not only fast but also more reliable, offering an unmatched riding experience. We have embraced this challenge to offer you the best riding experience imaginable.

Rise and Shimano EP8-RS

The Rise is intrinsically designed to conquer Trail and All Mountain trails and excels unquestionably in these disciplines. Its design offers exceptional stability, allowing you to confidently tackle the most demanding descents. However, its versatility also shines in twisty sections, maintaining maximum speed while ensuring unparalleled control.


This exceptional machine relies on a unique construction that keeps its weight relatively low for its category. It’s ready to take on the challenges of the most demanding racing format, but our mission doesn’t stop there. We have sought to optimise every component, every element of the frame, with the goal of making it even more efficient, especially for faster climbing.

The electronic transmission and the EP8-RS motor, born from our partnership with Shimano, are undeniable assets in our development process. They push the limits of the drivetrain and the E-TUBE PROJECT app gives lots of flexibility to try new motor settings. Working closely with Shimano´s engineers lets us develop our understanding of the motor in different configurations.

With all this testing, in the most demanding challenges, you know that Rise will always be ready to accompany you on your adventures.

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