Have you got a clear idea of your big challenge for this year? What’s this challenge for 2020 going to entail?

A few days ago, we shared our #OrbeaChallenges initiative with you, giving you the possibility to become an Orbea ambassador. All we’re asking you for is to share your main goal for this year with us.

In Orbea, we’re also getting involved from within our cooperative. Yes, that’s right: we can’t help it. We’re restless and rebellious, and aware that good resolutions must be made at the start of the year. Yes, and that goes for us as well. So, we’ve gotten down to business.

We have loads of projects and we’ve summarized them into seven challenges. A handful of challenges that have a lot in common: without your involvement, without you, it would be impossible to accomplish them. That’s why we want you to participate in them:

Delivering the bike you need, just the way you designed it

Orbea MyO is the culmination of our commitment to provide you with the bike you need. We want you to enjoy a unique item that exactly meets your taste. We want to help you reach your goals, be they sporting, recreational or adventurous.

Developing a high value product to enhance your riding experience

We’re placing technology at the service of your needs. We’ll continue to develop high value products to transform your pedalling into a memorable experience. Accessories such as Squidlock or Rallon Link are the result of our obsession to break away from the norm. In 2020, we’ll take a further step in customization by; researching new processes and state-of-the-art materials. We’ll be working on solutions that you can’t even imagine today.

Promoting education and respect on the road

In 2020, we want to continue promoting road safety education. Turning it into a free and safe space for everyone is a must: cars, motorbikes, bikers and pedestrians. Therefore, we’re upholding mutual respect for this space we all share in common.

Continuing to promote women’s cycling

We’ve spent our whole life promoting women’s cycling. We do this out of conviction, because we know there are women champions still to emerge further down the track. We’re going to continue giving them our support, because we don’t understand life any other way, its ingrained in our genes.

“Building athletes”

We are our grassroots. Who we take care of and encourage. This is the seed for the future, that we’re going to nurture and continue to take care of in 2020. We know this seed will bloom and come to fruition: and turn into the men and women champions of tomorrow. This is an endeavour we undertake from the inside, promoting it with our partners and it’s ingrained in our DNA. “Building athletes” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of doing things: our way.

Captivating you with our “Trail Tales”

Our challenge is to captivate you with stories about your passion for bike riding. Connecting with those people who are searching for an authentic experience and an overdose of adventure. Sharing a genuine vision and top-quality content. Describing experiences to make you dream and pick up you bike without giving it a second thought.

If you want to be the first to discover our Trail Tales, visit our Instagram page.

Contributing to a better world

We’re committed to participate actively in solving the planet’s problems. As a result, we’ll be continuing to create bikes and technology, but also implementing good habits and social awareness. Firmly committing ourselves to achieve a better world.

These are our challenges so far. Now it’s up to you. What’s that challenge you dream about that seems unattainable?

It’s time to make your dream come true. You’ve got until the 31 st of January to share your challenge with us. We’ll help you to accomplish it and make 2020 an unforgettable year.



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