New faces, challenges on the horizon and even a ground-breaking look. These are just a few snippets of what to look forward to in an exciting 2020 for the Orbea Factory Team. Our team kicks off its fourth season with a genuine team of four aces.

Tomi Misser, Ibon Zugasti, Sandra Jordà and Joaquím Purito Rodríguez promise us moments of the best cycling. A class act such as Purito has landed in the team.

In 2020, we are going to be even more global and travel with our riders across the world. We want to give it our all and be the best at sharing cycling experiences from the inside. Plus, we’ll be doing it in style as well: Wearing our new team apparel!


The first part of the calendar consists of Orbea Factory Team’s participation in the best MTB events. Along with our riders, Alma and Oiz will be our key bikers in the initial races.

The party is already underway. In the Costa Blanca Bike Race (30 th January to 2 nd February), our riders are competing in pairs, in the men (Purito Rodríguez and Oliver Avilés) as well as in the mixed event (Tomi Misser and Sandra Jordà). Seeing Tomi and Sandra compete together throughout the season will be quite a common sight. The Costa Blanca Bike Race will be Puritos’ debut defending our colours. “I want to have fun -he points out- and show that any intermediate level rider can set themselves challenges just like ours. If I can do it, anyone can”.

With hardly any rest, Tomi Misser will leave for the trails of the Chilean Patagonia and be one of the key riders in the Terra Australis Mountainbike Race (6 th to 9 th February). After missing out for two years, Tomi returns to South America. We want to feel close to the Spanish speaking countries, in which the Orbea Factory Team receives amazing support. We’re not going to let you down.

Back in Europe, our next challenge will be the Mediterranean Epic (13 th to 16 th February). It’s an individual competition in which Ibon Zugasti will be participating; this will be his 2020 debut in the Factory’s calendar. “Getting close to fifty -points out Ibon- but still striving to grow as a cyclist, being true to myself”. Oliver Avilés will also be a leading rider in the event.

Closer to home, we’ve set the Andalucía Bike Race (25 th February to 1 st March) as our next target for the year, in which Oliver will also be participating. Without a doubt, a thumping start to the season for our new teammate. “From day one -he explains-, the first and most important thing has been to keep up with Purito”.


And finally, from race to race, this leads us to the month of March, which is traditionally a heavy-duty month for the Orbea Factory Team. Awaiting us is the queen of the MTB international events: the Absa Cape Epic (15 th to 22 nd March). Eight brutal days of cycling in South Africa where we’ll be giving everything we’ve got.

A month later, we travel to Croatia to experience a spectacular event: the 4 Islands (21 st -25 th April). An MTB competition in teams of 2 riders, in which each stage is held on a different island of the Adriatic. We’ll be disembarking in style, and nothing could be truer. The organization will be chartering a very special boat: the Orbea Factory Team boat. We’ll be accommodated on board and sailing from island to island for the start of each stage. Plus, we’ll be booking some room for those teams that want to join us. Tomi Misser will be our host and the result will be an unforgettable human and cycling experience.

Tomi, of course, will be one of the attractions of the event and will once again be pedalling along with Sandra Jordà, “My goal in 2020 -points out Sandra- is to continue enjoying bike riding from day to day and try and convey my enthusiasm, specially, to the more girls the better”.

The end of the 4 Islands coincides with an event that is branded in our particular calendar: the Orbea Monegros (25 th April). This year we’re celebrating the 20 th edition of the most massively participated MTB event in Spain and our team will rise to the occasion.

So far, a sneak peek of the first part of the calendar. It’s a long season and new challenges will be knocking on our door.


True to our style, the Orbea Factory Team will continue innovating; also, in the way we show ourselves off to the world. We’ll be presenting the new team apparel, coinciding with the year’s first event. A ground-breaking design keeping our signature identifying marks of mint green.

We knew you were going to love it and wanted to wear the Orbea Factory Team right away: jerseys, bib shorts, racing caps, gloves, sleeve cuffs, windbreaker… As a novelty this year, the new range also boasts the complete winter gear, for you to show off whatever the season. We invite you to reserve your apparel here. We will process your order and have it available from 1 st of April.


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