We’re back, with more passion than ever!

After a two-week suspension of our manufacturing activity, the Spanish government has lifted the shutdown order for non-essential business. We’re back to work with more passion than ever. 

We’re all experiencing some truly difficult days. These are times of taking responsibility, joining together, strength…And in a cooperative like ours, we know all about this. We’ve weathered numerous storms over the decades and returned stronger and more focused.

During the past two weeks of the shutdown, we’ve adapted our facilities to protect ourselves from the virus and prevent its spread. We have updated internal guidelines with numerous safety measures.

Key actions include adjusting work spaces to maintain two meters between workers, wearing face masks, laser thermometer controls, continuous cleaning of shared equipment and telecommuting for those who can do so.

We are also conducting controls using laser thermometers, engaging in continuous cleaning and hygiene of work stations and refraining from using common areas to prevent gatherings of people. We have provided face masks and personal protective equipment and installed screens in order to protect ourselves, among other measures. All employees who can do so continue to telecommute. In addition, over the next few days, we will continue to take steps to prevent the propagation of the virus.

We’ll also continue to offer activities like the #Orbea500Challenge so you can keep moving and training during the confinement. Thousands of people are participating,  making the campaign a huge success. We’re still here with you, working to make these days a bit more enjoyable while we pass these stressful times as quickly as possible.

Orbea would also like to acknowledge the exceptional work of all those who are working intensively to end this virus, including all health care, transportation and food service workers. We’d also like to salute you for being responsible and complying with the measures adopted by the different governments. 

We’re back!

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