10 August, 2016

Catharine Pendrel and the new Oiz, born to win

Catharine Pendrel and the new Orbea Oiz have done it again: the Luna Pro Team biker and Orbea's most advanced XC model are born to win and they've proven it once again in Mont Saint Anne, one of the most mythical circuits in the Cross Country World Cup.

Joined by victory: Orbea created the Oiz for competition. To win. Catharine Pendrel's successes as two-time world champion, with 12 victories in the Cross Country World Cup, say it all. Together, they only think about competing and winning. The finish line is the goal, and the trail is a path strewn with rocks and roots, on the way to the top of the podium.

“It's the best XC bike I've ever ridden in my entire life. It makes the trail come to life and makes me want to ride faster and go farther.” Catharine, like the rest of her fellow Luna Pro Team members, has been very involved in the development of the new Oiz, giving valuable feedback from competition.

The rigidity and acceleration of the new Oiz have never been seen before in a full suspension bike. The features provided by the UFO, Advanced Dynamic, Boost and Tensegrity technologies mark the difference in demanding trials, such as those in the World Cup, where shaving off a few seconds over the rocks and roots may mean the final victory.

A spirit characterized by overcoming obstacles and effort: after recovering from two broken bones in little more than nine months, Catharine conquered her second World Championship in 2014, the very first time she competed with the previous version of our full suspension bike. Now, in her second race with the new Oiz, she has earned a victory on one of the most iconic, technical and complex circuits of the World Cup.

The Oiz is made to win and is designed for a single purpose: speed.

The Luna Pro Team is not just a team, it's a family. Beyond individual victories, they are each architects of the team's success, which they want to extend to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, where the ladies of the Luna Pro Team and Orbea will fight for medals at the hand of team members Catharine Pendrel (Canada), Katerina Nash (Czech Republic) and Eva Lechner (Italy).