Orbea Instagram Challenge 2: Thank you very much!

You never cease to amaze us. On January 31 we launched the Orbea Instagram Challenge 2 competition, and even though the first edition was a complete success, you’ve managed to top it!

We’ve seen designs of all the bicycles available on MyO — the Oiz, Alma, Orca, Orca Aero, Avant, Rallon, Terra, Ordu and Gain, in both road and all road versions — and the designs have been as varied as the origins of those participating in this second edition. We received designs from approximately 70 countries around the world and from five different continents.

But the Orbea Instagram Challenge 2 is a competition of MyO designs. There could be only one. Sixteen passed the first round and the results were determined by popular vote through our Instagram Stories. The panel of judges? All of you. Each and every one of the people who make up the Orbea community. You have decided that the winner of the second edition of the Orbea Instagram Challenge is Murat Kor. Want to see the winning bike?

See the winning mode

Thank you very much!

It’s been some very exciting weeks, closely following the progress of the votes and trying to guess (us too!) which designs and which bikes would make it to the grand finale.

The Orbea Instagram Challenge 2 is now over, but the passion for bikes lives on. Every day. Where? On our Instagram channel, where we tell you about this passion and where we collect photos from the Orbea family. Besides seeing photos of what goes on in Orbea’s world, you can also see photos of our customers and their experiences.

All these images are in our @WeAreOrbea account, where you can see the thousands and thousands of MyO bikes that travel roads and trails around the world. Just add #MyOrbea to the photo of your bike, and you and your bike will form part of this community. You can also join this community on Facebook.

Instagram We are Orbea

And what’s more, MyO is still there. MyO is much more than exclusive designs, colors and an almost infinite selection of components; MyO is a collaboration among fans.

It’s the place where your desires come together with our technical knowledge, joining forces to create a special machine adapted to you and your needs as a cyclist. A bike that adapts to your body, your budget and your performance goals with a good dose of yourself in it.

And if we can offer you a bicycle unlike any other, it is because we are not some simple warehouse: we’re manufacturers, designers, painters, technicians and mechanics of our bicycles, and we pay close attention to each phase of the process with which we breathe life into your Orbea.

Orbea MyO Orca MyO Oiz MyO Alma MyO Gain MyO

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