21 December, 2016

Thanks for 12 months of cycling

We at Orbea would like to thank you for sharing another year with us. It's been 12 months of passion for cycling, filled with great moments that have been made possible thanks to the work of our dealers, ambassadors, teams and everyone who works at Orbea…and of course, thanks to your support:

1. Thanks for having joined us in celebrating our 175th anniversary. It was a very special day on which we were joined by many of the very same people who made the occasion possible. It was too bad that we couldn't invite you all! 😉

2. Thanks for trusting our new ways of being even closer to you: in 2016, we debuted the Click&Collect service, which allows you to order your bike on our website and pick it up at your nearest store.

3. In another effort to better meet your needs, we opened new facilities in the United States and expanded our plants in Mallabia and Portugal.

4. To be even closer to you, in 2016 we attended trade fairs such as Unibike and Interbike, and we hosted hundreds of demo events around the world, where alongside our ambassadors and mechanics, you had the opportunity to experience first hand how much fun the Loki is, the freedom you feel on an Occam, the light weight and competition geometry of the Orca, etc

Thanks for once again making the Orbea Monegros a unique experience (the 8,000 registrations available for the 2016 edition were claimed in only 57 hours) and for having supported us in the creation of the Orbea Granfondo: a new event that we prepared with a lot of enthusiasm, which received a very positive response from you. We'll see you at the 2017 editions of both races!

5. Thanks to all of you who chose our bicycles to have unique experiences. This year, thanks to the Basque Country Cycling project, more than 1,000 people have discovered the emotion and beauty that the roads and mountains in Euskadi and the Pyrenees offer cycling lovers.

6. Thanks to our ambassadors, triathletes and teams, both in the mountain and on the road. To the reserves and those who compete in the most demanding cycling competitions in the world: with your excitement, enthusiasm and capacity for sacrifice, you have thrilled us with your victories, embodying the values of the #BuildingAthletes spirit

7. 2016 has been a year in which our cyclists and triathletes have shone especially brightly. We celebrated 10 years of collaboration with the Luna ProTeam (now Clif Pro Team), and Catharine Pendrel put the icing on the cake by winning the XC World Cup. To top it off, Åsa Lundström came in eighth at the Hawaii Ironman; Mavi García, from the Bizkaia Durango team, was crowned Spanish champion and the Visit Dallas team climbed the podium at five different USAC National Championship Races

They have undoubtedly been the best ambassadors of our way of understanding elite competition, and that's why this year we have wanted to focus on them in our #RideFightWin trilogy:




8. Thanks for the reception you've given to the new versions of our Oiz and Alma mountain bikes, which could not have had a better start in elite competition: Oiz, XC World Cup champion and Alma, bronze medal winner at the Olympic Games in Rio. Rio 2016 was really special: Catharine Pendrel gave us goose bumps with her tenacity, recovering from a fall at the start of the race to come back and win the bronze medal in the debut of the new Alma. And Katerina Nash, who earned an Olympic diploma, becoming the biker who has competed in the most Olympic games (five).

9. Thanks for the viral response during the Tour de France, when we launched unannounced the spy bike that ended up being the new Orca. We also raised the hype to an all new level at Interbike, with the spy version of Terra, the all-road bicycle that we will launch in the next few months. We also further developed the Avant this year, which was very well received at the specialized media presentation held in September.

10. 2016 has been an ‘electric’ year in which we have made strides in the mountain, road and city e-bike sector. And pay close attention in 2017, because we will have more electric surprises!

11. We would also like to thank the sector media for their efforts day after day to promote cycling. This year we were delighted by the recognition we received for many of our models: the Bike Germany award for the Occam TR, the “Aero Bike of the Year” award for the Orca, our 'four aces', the score of 9.4/10 given to the Ordu in 220 triathlon, special mention of the Katu by Elektrobike, and of course, our recent Made In Euskadi Award.

12. We end the year with a very special thank you for the enthusiasm with which you have received MyO, our process that lets you customize your bicycle with the components and colors you choose. This enthusiasm meant that we needed to increase the number of people dedicated to this project at Orbea and gave us the encouragement we needed to extend it to our Alma and Ordu models.

Thanks for being part of an unforgettable year! Shall we set our sights on 2017?

2. Gracias por confiar en nuestras nuevas formas de estar más cerca de ti: en 2016 estrenamos el servicio Click&Collect, que te permite pedir tu bici a través de nuestra web y recogerla en tu tienda más cercana