21 January, 2019


VITAL CONCEPT – B&B HOTELS, the young Continental Professional team from the French region of Brittany, is even more interesting than you might think.

VITAL CONCEPT – B&B HOTELS is a team with personality and character. Strongly rooted in its region — like us — and identified by the color turquoise, it has a clear objective. In spite of only being founded in 2017, it has set its sights on participating in World Tour races and nabbing an invitation to the Tour de France.

In fact, that’s exactly the challenge we have set with this team: to see their custom Orca Aero bikes riding in the most important competition in the world.

With roots in Brittany

The VITAL CONCEPT – B&B HOTELS team is headquartered in Brittany, a French region with a strong cycling tradition like our own. There, the economy is mainly focused on agriculture and the agri-food industries. As a result, the local landscape is full of furrows or “sillons” (as they're known in French), and the team has wanted to reflect its roots in some way.

How? By including the “sillons” on its jersey and asking us to do the same on their bikes. The Orca Aero is mainly for the flat stages and the ones expected to end in a sprint. The Orca is primarily for mountain stages and the spring classics.

Disk brakes? No disk brakes? Half the team trains with them, and in competition, you’ll see that several riders are opting to use the Orca Aero with disk brakes.

The “glaz” team

When they visited us at our facilities in Mallabia, in the Basque Country, they showed us their gear for the new season. The team pays a lot of attention to appearances, to the extent that they emphasized that their bikes had to match the white details on their jerseys.

So we painted their bikes in their preferred color through MyO, our customization tool, and we also painted the details on the bike in their characteristic “glaz” color.

“Glaz” is the name of a unique color in their region. There is no direct English translation. The closest comparison would be a sort of jade green. “Glaz” comes from the hues of the sea off the coast of Brittany and its shade depends on the sunlight and the weather conditions. You’ll see ”glaz” in the Paris-Roubaix and the Paris-Nice, among others.

When we saw this color on the details of their bikes, we fell in love with the result. So much so that we decided to include it as an option in MyO. Now you can paint any of the models available in the customization tool in this color.



You know the goal of this team. It’s also our goal with them. We want to help them in every way possible, so that they achieve everything they set out to do. TheVITAL CONCEPT – B&B HOTELS team shared their #OrbeaChallenges2019 with us, and we’re pleased to share their goals with you.


“I want to see the team win races as soon as possible and set the standard very high in the most important races on the UCI cycling calendar”


“I want to throw my bike in the sky on the finish line of the greatest races…Doing it in July would be perfect!”


“In 2019, I want to have my best result in the Paris-Roubaix!”


“My #OrbeaChallenge2019 is to help the leader as much as possible”


“In 2019, I want to win a race again and help Bryan Coquard win a World Tour race”


“In 2019, I want to help the team to score 15 victories in one year, winning myself or helping the other #MenInGlaz to make it”