November Things- Black Friday

With the arrival of the 2020 collection, you can enjoy exclusive offers on our 2019 range, for a limited time only.

Here is the schedule of our “November Things” sales : throughout the week, we will be offering promotions through the Orbea website. From bicycles to helmets and clothing, the offers will be exciting, unique and exclusive. All products are available immediately.

If you are a lover of smooth asphalt and electric bikes, we have the perfect solution for you: our Orbea Gain, a revolution in the world of electric road bikes, is now available at a 15% discount in the Orbea Outlet. And that's not all: if you buy a Gain, we gift you a Range Extender worth €579! Can you believe it? The Range Extender is an external charger that powers the internal battery of your Gain while riding, increasing its autonomy by 70%. This unique offer starts on November 27 at 10am and ends on December 2 at 10pm.

Are you more of a mountain bike lover? Well, you're in luck as well. Don't miss the golden opportunity to discover the world of off-road electric bicycles. Yes, we're serious: get your hands on an Orbea Wild (FS / HT) from the 2019 range at a 30% discount. In addition, when you buy a bike, we offer you a 25% rebate on our 2020 range of cycling apparel. This means you can even match your outfit to your new acquisition….. This promotion will also start on November 27 at 10am and end on December 2 at 10pm.

In addition to these exclusive offers, the other models in the 2019 range will also be available at incredibly attractive prices. And if that still wasn't enough, the 2019 collections of cycling apparel and helmets will be available from November 29 in the Orbea Outlet at unbelievable prices.

Order the products of your choice on our website, and collect them directly from your Orbea dealer.

Don't miss this opportunity! Our November Things campaign is a unique opportunity to kit yourself out with everything you need!



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