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Orbea partners with COMBA (Colorado Mountain Bike Association) and BMA (Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance) to build an impressive new trail.

With Orbea’s USA office being newly located in beautiful Colorado, we couldn’t think of better organizations to partner with than COMBA and BMA. These nonprofits have an outstanding history of building and maintaining some of the most popular trails in Colorado and embody the Orbea spirit of cycling; “build it and they will come”.

More. Fun. Trails.

With the dramatic surge in the number of cyclists, our goal is to work with local organizations to champion the network of mountain biking trails for the local community to enjoy.

The only way to ensure the sustainability of mountain biking is to bolster the foundation it’s built upon, one trail at a time.

The trail will employ the natural landscape, using the rocks and earth to create impeccable flow top-to-bottom.

Building will kick-off in June 2022 and we expect the trail to take about 2-3 months to complete. Once finished, it will be a true test-piece with a little bit of spicy steepness to keep you coming back for more. It’s location along Peak-to-Peak highway in Colorado, lends for dramatically sweeping views and lush pine forests at 2,804 meters in elevation.

Hard Work Pays Off

“We couldn’t be more excited for this unique new trail experience for mountain bikers in the Front Range and throughout the region. We’re grateful for the opportunity that Black Hawk has provided us and stoked to be partnering with Orbea on the project. This kind of opportunity doesn’t come along very often and we can’t wait for the riders to see the end result. Jagged Axe (trail building company) is going to knock this one out of the park!”

Gary Moore, COMBA Executive Director

“We’re very excited that the City of Black Hawk sees this great opportunity. And we couldn’t build this trail without the sponsorship of a great company like Orbea – welcome to Boulder, Orbea and thanks for digging in right away!”

Wendy Sweet, Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance, Operations Manager

“Mountain biking is an amazing sport that Orbea believes everyone should experience. The only way to ensure the future of Mountain biking is to invest in sustainable trails that allow more people to experience the sport. We are extremely excited to be able to join forces with COMBA and BMA to help this goal of increasing trail access, one new trail at a time.”

Parker DeGray, USA, UK, Canada Marketing Manager

This initial trail is a start to a long-lasting partnership with COMBA + BMA. As mountain biking increases in popularity we aim to add additional trails in high-traffic regions to keep up with the surge in bike enthusiasts.

We are proud to be investing in these bike associations to emancipate the future of mountain biking as a whole. When cyclists have access to more trails, they feel more connected to their community, appreciate diversity in riding options and it naturally decreases erosion on existing trails.

Donate to build more trails

Orbea is also raffling off two mountain bikes to support COMBA’s efforts to fundraise additional money for bringing this trail to life. The winner will have the choice between winning a $9,000 Carbon Rise M10 eMTB or a $6,000 Carbon Occam LT !

If you’d like to support the building of this trail and also have the chance to win a mountain bike along the way – click the link below:

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