2018: the start of an exciting year, starring the Orbea Enduro Team!

2017 was memorable for Orbea, and we are convinced that 2018 will be too: we’re very excited by a ton of new projects, among them our new Enduro team, which was the main protagonist of the start to the year.

Orbea Enduro Team, from the EWS to the media

Our new Enduro team, the Orbea Enduro Team, has been the big news this month: The four aces we presented to return to the Enduro World Series (EWS) received attention from the most important media sources in MTB around the world: the lengthy articles that leading sites such as Pinkbike and Vital MTB dedicated to the news give us a general idea of the impact we are going to make with the launching of this team.

The most important media sources specialized in MTB and Enduro in Italy and Germany, MTB-vco and Enduro MountainBike Magazine, warmly welcomed the creation of the Orbea Enduro Team. Finally, GMBN Tech, the recently created YouTube channel dedicated to the technology behind MTB that we’re so fond of, predicted that the Orbea Enduro Team will make waves at the EWS, as will the Rallon, the bike the team will compete with in all their races.

The Rallon continues to receive praise from around the world. This month, from the United Kingdom, Mountain Bike Rider magazine gave a score of 9/10 to our enduro model, which it describes as “a fast, efficient competition bike.”Alan Muldoon, the author of the review, concludes that the Rallon “combines efficient pedalling dynamics with light weight and it feels like a very capable 29er trail bike with enduro race bike geometry“.

Even more decisive was Contender Bicycles, Orbea’s dealer in the United States“This is, without a question, the best bike I’ve ever owned or ridden”, says the author of the test, who describes the Rallon as “lively and reactive to rider input, which is something I’ve found other long travel 29ers to be found wanting”.

Wild HT Bosch, the big news this month

During the month of January we also launched our new Wild HT, with its Bosch motor. Germany – possibly the European country where bikers are the most demanding and have the most experience in using this category of bikes (nearly 4 of every 10 bikes sold are electric, according to information from the German Two-Wheeled Vehicle Association) – was the place where our new electric MTB has had the biggest impact: Bike, Pedelecs&Ebikes, E-MountainBike and elektrofahrrad24 have dedicated a great deal of space on their websites to describe the features of its AL7000 hydroformed aluminum frame, its compatibility with 27.5+ and 29” wheels and the Bosch battery built into the frame.

But Wild HT has managed to attract the attention of the media from around the entire world, from Australia (in Ebiking Now) to Italy, where MTB Magazine highlighted it for being the model that was “the most effective, and at a competitive price.”

…And what’s more…

With more than 53,000 subscribers, GCN is one of the most important YouTube channels in the world dedicated to road cycling. This month, in a video that has been seen more than 45,000 times, Simon Richardson presented his Orca OMR disc bike, customized using MyO.

And we finish with two news items that made us proud as a company: cyclingindustry, one of the top European sites dedicated to the bicycle industry, reported on the important growth we experienced in 2017, thanks to your confidence in us. German public television ZDF took an interest in our management and corporate responsibility model, as seen in the following video report.

More next month!

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