31 August, 2017

Enhance Your Ride

They’ve been with us for more than two centuries – They give us freedom, make it easy to get around, make us healthier and even let us engage in competition and adventure.

We at Orbea believe in making improvements for future generations. We feel responsible for sustainability and we’re actively working to improve mobility problems in cities and to increase access to cycling as a sport.

We want to make bicycles as accessible, useful and efficient as possible. We’re developing platforms to minimize of all the potential excuses: the hills, the bad weather, the hazards of the road, the sweat, the fatigue, not being able to ride as hard as before… What would happen if we no longer had any excuses?

What would we say to an electric bicycle that does not seem like one? What would we think about a bicycle with invisible wiring and batteries, but highly visible and usable features? And what if this bicycle is also SEXY?

Thanks to technological innovations, we are at the door of a new era. A time when cycling lovers will gain more satisfaction from their outings, find it easier to get around and will enjoy even bigger adventures.

Bicycles still have much more to offer us.

Are you ready?

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