Finding My Perfect Shot

What does it take to get ‘the shot’? In our quest for content, we follow athletes and creators in search of the perfect shot. Capturing content can mean different things to many different people, for us it’s an art form.

The main objective of photography is the communication of moments in time that may otherwise be forgotten.

Some photographers prefer the thrill of finding the perfect shot, getting the perfect angle and connecting it all together, this gives them a sense of freedom and purpose.

At Orbea we are obsessed with this sensation, we are constantly searching for that precise moment when the lighting and subject come together.

We want to find our Perfect Shot.

What is My Perfect Shot?

This is a series focused on inspiring riders through powerful storytelling, sending a call to action for bikers everywhere to share their own perfect shots, promoting the beauty of bike travel.

We invited people from the snowboard world, from the bike industry and from the content-creation sector to pour their soul into obtaining an image that represents something greater than themselves. Something to be remembered.

This series will give an inside look at everything that goes into creating inspirational visual art with the help of an essential tool, an Orbea bike.


Through ‘My Perfect Shot’ we urge you to see the world with a new perspective, to evoke emotions that move you to create your own photo-memories to stand the test of time. 

Find out all about this exciting project and join us in the search of ‘My Perfect Shot’.

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