30 May, 2016

GAES: Transmitting values

In its commitment to cycling, this company is accompanied by Orbea. We discuss their partnership in great length in the lines below with Tony Pérez, Manager of the Team GAES-GARMIN by Orbea.

How would you define the sports philosophy of Team GAES-GARMIN by Orbea? What do you think makes this team different, in terms of its spirit and on a competitive level?

Experience, a harmonious atmosphere and a goal-oriented philosophy. We aren't a professional team or a team that chases after results. We're a team that shares experiences, that tries to achieve the perfect atmosphere in each challenge to feel like a family and to identify ourselves as part of something very special and important.

What's more, we combine anonymous names with famous public figures, such as Santi Millán, who end up interacting on a first name basis during our adventures.

The team brings together three great companies with a lot of similarities, in spite of operating in different professional fields. Each is deeply involved in the world of MTB. Besides this, what else do you think GAES, GARMIN and Orbea have in common?

Above all, something they have very much in common is giving importance to everything we do. With brands like Garmin and Orbea, GAES is in good company when it comes to living up to its full potential, and this enables us to communicate our challenges beyond familiar territory. We have been successful in bringing together Garmin, Orbea and GAES fans, and of course also in providing top-quality products for our team.

We're talking about a project with a total of 35 athletes divided among the different categories: Elite, Master, Co-ed, Women and VIPs. What are the main aspirations or goals for the next few years?

Our main goal is for the team to become more skillful everyday, and fans of our way of experiencing sports. As team manager, the truth is that I have that competitive spirit, but many of our riders only want to have an adventure and to do it in the company of others, alongside a great team.

It is also true that there are times when we sign on top riders to represent us in certain races, but these are specific cases, and not what we're the most committed to.

There are some very distinguished names on Team GAES-GARMIN by Orbea (professional cyclist Carlos Portilla, Javier Salamero, world XC champion, and actor Javi Sancho). How would you rate the repercussion that the team is having on the national and international MTB scene?

There has been maximum repercussion, we are seeing a return in the form of really important information that we are launching. Almost everyone knows us, and that we do not compete at the World Cup level, etc. I think that it is a phenomenon in which we sell the image of an adventurous cyclist as opposed to a winning cyclist, and there are many riders who feel represented.

In terms of names, they help us go further, to receive media attention in the races, and of course, the associated brands.

In the case of GAES, their Imparables (“Unstoppables”) project is very well known, as is their support for the different Titans and other big trials, their charity projects, etc. But how did Team GAES-GARMIN by Orbea come about?

GAES-GARMIN by Orbea is a team that started with the GAES team. Each year we look for partners, rather than sponsors, to accompany us in our project. Orbea considered that since we were already collaborating on “Imparables”, it was only logical for us to also work together on this team. Many times there are people who do not know how to differentiate between “Imparables“ and GAES-GARMIN by Orbea, but we are totally independent, even if we are like first cousins.

We have made available our Oiz and Orca models to the members of Team GAES-Garmin by Orbea. What are the features of these bicycles that stand out the most for you?

Oiz has been a big surprise to us, a comfortable, fast bike that helps us enjoy both XC races and marathons. We're really happy with this model, which we have ridden for more than 8,000 km over the last year.

With Orca, the rigidity and features are out of this world. Our bicycles custom painted by Orbea and the truth is that if we add this to the features, the result is excellent. It will be the bike we will ride in the next GAES Transpyr Backroads, where the next “Imparables” will be shot with Santi Millán and everyone else who took part in “Imparables”.

This is not the only project in which GAES and Orbea work hand in hand. There is also the GAES Enduro Orbea Crew, with which you've entered the world of enduro. What strikes you the most about this specialty?

We are attracted by how young the project is, its vitality, the element of the unknown. In recent years, GAES has rejuvenated its brand, since our solutions are for everyone, regardless of their age, and it's the same thing we see on the GAES Enduro Orbea Crew: youth, vitality and commitment. All of this represents the strength behind it, and is associated with the professionalism of the team, led by the enormous talent of Julien Brugeas.

We asked you earlier about the Oiz and Orca models, and now, talking about this project for Enduro, we should mention the Rallón.

We haven't tried it out yet, but we have seen it in action and just for its geometry and finish alone, it's obvious that it is a supremely high-quality bike. We have a visit pending to Orbea, taking advantage of one of the competitions in which the team will compete and we will try it out to get to know it better.

Finally, how would you define the importance that you give to the world of sports in GAES' business project?

First of all, our project helps promote sports among GAES employees. We want out employees to participate in sports and feel good while doing so. Secondly, the image we want to transmit is one of achievement, commitment and friendship. In our five-year history, more than 200 people have been part of the team. Many come back, others choose their challenges, but all know that if their philosophy is the same as that of the team, they will be welcome. Ultimately, we transmit values.