2 September, 2021


Historically, the bike has served a competitive purpose, but as a range of more progressive bikes accompanies us on new adventures, we travel farther and further to explore new horizons and new perspectives. In this way, cycling is reborn, breaking through our expectations and evolving our relationship with bikes.

The gravel phenomenon

Some time ago, a new way of life began to sprout in the cycling ecosystem: gravel riding was born to make its way beyond the roads. And as a tool for storytelling, the gravel bike is hard to beat.

Gravel has many meanings for many people. On one hand, it takes the space between the pavement and the trails and simply fills it with endless gravel road adventures. Some people love mixing the freedom of overnight camping with the range of a bike, giving way to overnight or “travel-light” bikepacking adventures. To other people, gravel means simplicity; enjoying long, fast rides on quiet roads and dirt paths.

We see gravel as a freedom of spirit, a tool for exploring and arriving to places less traveled. Gravel opens up adventures, both near and far, and offers a better connection with the environment and the people in it than other type of vehicles.

From this vital need for adventure by gravel, Pachamama was born.

What does Pachamama inspire?

Pachamama is the medium to which we belong, and not the other way around. Mother Nature, or Mother Earth, embodies and celebrates the natural environment where life flourishes.

Pachamama was born to connect with those people who have a vision of bikes beyond competition.

By recounting our stories, we want to encourage these adventurous spirits, whether they are cyclists or not, to experience their own bike adventures.

What is Pachamama?

Pachamama is the meeting point between people who understand cycling and life from this perspective.

Through this project, we want to share these wild places and the lives and stories that they contain. Stories where the protagonists are so intertwined with the environment that they are hard to separate.

The idea is to discover places, not only unknown places, but maybe original stories in familiar places. The stories will always have a gravel element and are always linked to the experience of the storyteller. Ultimately, stories about places and their people are revealed. Will you accompany us on this journey?

Dive into this new adventure with us, explore new horizons and discover Pachamama.