3 March, 2020

Trail bike geometry, what is it?

We could write a doctoral thesis or two on the evolution of mountain bike geometry. And hours talking about how they’ve changed in the last decade and adapted to different needs, trends… Best done over a cold beer and in good company.

So, let’s get going.

The best feature of mountain bikes has been their constant evolution. That’s how they appeared on the biking scene. Due to the passion of a few daredevil mountain-riding fanatics and so the story goes. There’s a world of difference from the early aggressive and unique geometries to the variety available today.

Different configurations have emerged over the years, not to say opposite, setting current market trends nowadays. At present, specialization is the name of the game. So let’s talk about three specific geometries: cross country, trail and enduro.

The evolution of MTB specifics, gave rise to the arrival of Cross Country bikes, seeking maximum pedalling efficiency. On the other end of the spectrum, the Enduro beasts were designed to dominate impossible terrains and break downhill records.


Another bike option emerged amidst these two extremes: the Trail bike. Providing equal doses of fun and adventure.

Trail bikes are all-rounders that behave well on any terrain. Top-class bikes for climbing slopes and just as reliable downhill. Resulting in a concept geared to stability and comfort, favouring a more relaxed geometry.

In this field, two of our models have set the pace: the Occam on the one hand, a double connected to mountain bike epics. And, the Laufey, on the other: our main focus today.

The Laufey is, above all, an all-powerful and versatile bike. Not just designed for one type of rider. A fun bike capable of performing in all types of terrain.


Picture a bike, nothing radical, that behaves like a real champ under any circumstances. Think of an all-round model with ultimately simplified maintenance possibilities.

The Laufey is a machine geared to achieve a variety of aspirations, but -if in doubt-, its recreational side comes out on top of its competitive side.

Firstly, its versatility makes it a best-in-class bike for first-timers. It could be a great bike to start searching for your place in the MTB scene. A rigid bike to break loose and overcome your fear of riding.

And secondly, it’s a great option for those tough battle-free rides or winter training sessions enjoyed on a no-frills mechanical bike with fuss-free maintenance.

However, it would be quite tactless of us to compare it to its elder Orbea sisters. Like the Alma, for example, just to mention another rigid mountain bike, geared to a very different more competitive and lap-time obsessed audience. The Laufey has a personality of its own: a companion that never lets you down, a machine to relish reconnecting with the purest MTB essence.


This is a comfortable, easy-handling and fun-loving bike. With a lower and slacker geometry, a shorter stem, wider bars and a long travel fork (140 mm). Providing even further personalized configuration options to fit your riding needs.

The Laufey is a fast downhill bike to pack more fun and performance into your rides by just slightly adjusting the pressure of its ample 2.6’ tires. Giving you a distinct feeling of floating over the terrain. Blending the rigidity and reactivity of its aluminium frame to get the most from your pedalling. Full handling control and total traction. Like a bird of prey tightly gripping the terrain and never letting go; particularly on steep uphill rides.

Can you picture yourself enjoying trail rides or fast getaways on nearby tracks? Do you measure your trail riding by how much you smile or by the number of kilometres and PBs?

Fuss-free fun. That’s the Laufey and much more.