17 May, 2024

More proud women at Itzulia

The women’s Itzulia returns once again. It’s the home race, a race through our territory, through the roads of Euskadi where Orbea was born. Our home, Mallabia, is immersed in the deepest of this land. These are the roads that witnessed the birth of the orange wave, Euskaltel, which somehow belongs to us as much as it belongs to the people. It is the asphalt and the concrete where a feeling of love for cycling is drawn, a passion running in the veins of our people from birth.


For us, for the Orbea family, it is an enormous honor and pride to be present with three women’s teams competing in this important Tour of the Basque Country.

In this latest edition, the most mountainous to date, our women have excelled. Out of our three teams (Lotto-Dstny, Laboral Kutxa-Fundación Euskadi y Ceratizit-WNT), at least two of the riders have made it into the top 10 of each stage. Nadia (LKF) and Thalita (LDL) in the first one, Ane (LKF) and Thalita in the second, and Cédrine and Thalita in the third.

Thalita, Thalita de Jong. The Dutchwoman from Lotto Dstny has finished in the top ten every day, culminating in an impressive performance in the final stage. A rainy and somewhat tougher day for a woman not particularly specialized in climbing (or so she says).

“I’m not a climber, so I started the last and steepest climb of the day cautiously and a bit behind. But it went so well! I stayed calm, rode at my own pace, and passed the others one by one. I am very happy.”

You must be, Thalita. You must be very happy because you finished seventh overall.


As happy as the other 14 women who proudly defended, among others, our name.


And so we are, happy and very proud.

This year is being magnificent, three women’s teams at the highest level are winning with our bikes. The Orbea logo accompanies them and it is very special for us that it does. Our presence in the peloton is the best support for the young, the women and the men of Lotto-Dstny, Laboral Kutxa-Fundación Euskadi and Ceratizit-WNT and the best return to continue being excellent.

The Tour is near and we have your back. We’ll be right here.


The new Orca, which has been the preferred choice among the riders of these three teams in the Itzulia, has been developed and perfected, among others, with the help and feedback of women and men from our teams in the peloton. Lighter than ever, instant acceleration and reactive handling come from a frame designed after years of work, research, testing and listening to reduce weight and reinforce stiffness.

Orca Aero

A modern aero bike needs to work together as a complete package of the best ingredients out there. That’s why the whole Orca Aero range will be updated with Oquo Road Performance wheels.