4 August, 2017

Orbea 2018: discover the range that will leave you breathless

Technology, innovation, quality and design are once again the pillars of Orbea’s 2018 range. Behind every model is passion, inspiration and (why not?) just a little bit of craziness and audacity that has enabled us to create some unique bicycles – with the unmistakable Orbea seal.

Do you think you’ve seen it all? Here is a collection that will leave you breathless…


The Tour de France was the stage chosen for the launch of our new Orca Aero. This 100% competition bicycle is fast as an arrow, designed to cheat the wind. It impressed those who saw it during the French race.

A bike that doesn’t just cheat the wind but openly defies it – an ode to efficiency and stiffness that relishes the assault of a 1700 watt finish – Orca Aero is the perfect accomplice for riders who aspire to become more familiar with the podium. Do battle off the front while others hide in the wheels, vanquished. Take pulls. Love the gutter. Find unknown strength in a machine designed for glory and hoard it for that single moment when you seize your opportunity. Marginal gains are for those playing the long game – Orca Aero would rather take the win today. And what’s more, you can design your own Orca Aero and make it absolutely exclusive through MyO!

The Orca Aero has found its perfect complement in the Orca Racing model. Our flagship model seeks a perfect balance between performance, lightness and rigidity. We’re launching a new MyO configurator, where you can choose among a wide variety of colors and new components to build the bike of your dreams.

The Avant is our endurance model. It is a bike intended for those that devour kilometers; those who want comfort without sacrificing competitiveness. New colors and components for a bicycle that accepts any challenge.

If you are a fan of dirt roads, the Terra is the bicycle for you. It’s a versatile model that we presented back in April as a prelude to this new range, and which has become a resounding success. An all road model that is ready for whatever you toss its way… Its design absorbs vibrations and its sturdiness provides the rigidity and traction you need in any situation. The Terra is also part of MyO, so design your own and become the king of the gravel!


Orbea has the best machine to complete in this type of demanding race: the Ordu. It’s an aerodynamic bicycle, with different levels of OMP and OME carbon frames, entirely customizable through MyO. The new assemblies include new features, such as Rotor chainwheels and DT Swiss wheels so you can build an authentic speed demon.


The Orbea Rallon has arrived to revolutionize the biker universe. Once you try it, nothing will ever be the same again. It’s perfect for everyone who wants to test the limits of gravity during their descents. Carbon, 29 inches, aggressive geometry, cutting-edge technology… If our aluminum Rallon was already a hit with enduro lovers, this bicycle has already become the greatest object of desire in MTB! As if that wasn’t enough, you can design your own bicycle through MyO. Design your own Rallon today!

The new Occam AM includes more fork travel (up to 150 mm), the new Fox Float DPX2, a more open 66.5° head angle and wider rims to go even faster. If this doesn't seem like it’s enough, take a look at all the customization options we offer with MyO Lite.

Our natural progression leads us to take on more aggressive trails. This is why riders asked us for a Occam TR with greater fork travel, larger wheels, more stability and more customization options: MyO Lite. The 2018 Occam TR meets all these requirements: it’s more aggressive, thanks to its 130-mm fork, tougher tires and wider rims. Orbea’s solutions “break the mold,” and that’s why we have redesigned the rear triangle to create the long-awaited 27.5″ PLUS model. With either 29″ x 2.4″ or 27.5” x 3.0” wheels, the Occam TR is always ready for the most demanding trails.

La Loki de 2018 es más agresiva gracias a su horquilla de 130 mm y cubiertas más resistentes. Nuestras medidas de altura y longitud, coherentes y proporcionales, garantizan que todos los ciclistas puedan disfrutar del impecable manejo de una bicicleta esbelta, divertida y veloz, con independencia del tamaño del cuadro y de las ruedas.
Trabajamos con la forma y el grosor de las paredes de nuestros tubos de aluminio para aumentar la robustez y la resistencia a torsiones no deseadas. Para ahorrar peso, muchos de los tubos se ensamblan en la sección media, lejos de la tensión de las uniones y las soldaduras. El uso de tecnologías de aluminio tan avanzadas como nuestra producción en carbono garantiza que nuestras bicicletas de aluminio no tengan rival.
Además la Loki 2018 estrena cableado interno y ¡nuevos colores!

The 2018 Loki is more aggressive, thanks to its 130-mm fork and tougher tires. Our height and lenght measurements are both rational and proportional to ensure that all cyclists can enjoy the impeccable handling of a lean, fast fun bike, regardless of frame and wheelsize. The Loki 2018 also premieres new internal cable routing and new colors!

Our XC weapons Alma and Oiz have been tested by the best professionals in this sport. They are winning bicycles, built to devour the most difficult terrains and leave behind any competitor. What’s more, the Alma is available on the MyO configurator, so you can design your own invincible weapon!


At Keram we find a product range targeting the vast majority of this market, with solutions for mountain biking 2.0 in its recreational form, more multi-purpose solutions for combined use on asphalt and trails and the most purely urban-sports version.


Its levels of efficiency, safety, connectivity and reliability make the Katu E50 more than just another electric bicycle: it’s a democratic tool that gives you the power of absolute mobility. The Katu E50 is the solution for users who want to move around the city on a daily basis reliably, comfortably and simply. But it’s also good for intercity trips. What’s more, since one size fits all, it can be ridden by the entire family, with each person using the level of assistance they need.

CarpeDiemKatu and Vector are the perfect weapons to get around your city in a more elegant, sophisticated manner. Or just to enjoy the pleasure of pedaling :-).If you prefer the motorized versions, the Keram and Optima ConfortKatu-EKeram Street and Optima Street will give their all to get you there faster, better and healthier than any other means of transport in your city.


Got kids? Orbea has two ranges for the little ones: MX Kids and Grow. The first is designed especially so kids can fall in love with freedom and cycling.MX Kids is one of the lightest on the market, and it comes with smaller brake levers, saddles and pedals, because your children deserve the best.

Grow, in turn, is made from compact, lightweight aluminum, just like the adult bikes. But that’s not the most important: Grow will become a real sibling for your kids. That's because its frame can be adjusted in three directions, so that it will grow alongside them. That’s where its name comes from. A bike to remember your entire life.

And that’s not all. There is still news to come, so stay tuned to your screen, because we're going to surprise you.

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