4 January, 2024

Orbea and Lotto Dstny Unite to Launch a New Era

Together with the team, we share a historical connection with cycling, rooted in our territory and closely tied to our social commitment. Our union will pursue excellence through continual improvement.


Our shared values mean there are stories destined to unfold and paths designed to meet. We are delighted to announce that we have sealed this partnership agreement with Lotto Dstny, a union that stems from our deep convictions and will be materialized in the ambition to reach new goals in sport and business.

Racing Is In Our DNA


In its 38-year history, the Lotto Dstny team has become a benchmark in the peloton, and Lotto is the longest-running sponsor in this sport. Meanwhile, at Orbea, we have 183 years of manufacturing experience, and our racing DNA is demonstrated in all of our actions.

Orbea and Lotto Dstny have a racing DNA.

Rooted In Passion


Orbea and the team have origins in territories with great cycling traditions. The fans in both Belgium and Euskadi live and breathe cycling with the responsibility and honour that means. We work passionately daily to consolidate the positions we have achieved and continue generating wealth and sharing it with society.

Orbea and the team have origins in territories with great cycling traditions.
Orbea and the team have origins in territories with great cycling traditions.

Dream Big


Beyond these fundamental values, we also share the conviction that only by embracing excellence, commitment and perseverance in our daily lives can we achieve the extraordinary.

Orbea dreams big.
Orbea dreams big.

“Like Lotto Dstny, we are a brand with a strong global presence. Through this collaboration, we aspire to broaden our impact and strengthen our recognition worldwide.”


– says Ander Olariaga, Orbea’s Brand and Communications Director.

“Lotto Dstny finds in Orbea an ideal ally to continue improving the performance of our entire structure. The adaptation to the new bikes has been quick and the willingness to continue working on their development is always there. Together I am certain we can achieve great things.”


– says Stéphane Heulot, CEO of Lotto Dstny.

This cycling project goes beyond names or people. The union between Lotto Dstny and Orbea starts a new era in which we hope to inspire passionate cyclists all over the world to dream big.

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Praise the light

The feeling of a bike this light and efficient is unbeatable, and this instant acceleration, vibration absorption and responsive handling come from a frame which knows where it needs to be light and where it needs to be stiff.

Long Live Aero

It’s hard to beat the sensation of power that comes from a great aero bike. Long live the bike that balances the emotional and rational desires inside each of us.