We’re looking for an Orbea ambassador for 2020 and we’d love you to nominate yourself. Dare to participate?

We’re looking for people who want to make a cycling challenge come true. Regardless of the scope or type of the project. Have you got a challenge you still haven’t completed and can’t find the right time to get it underway? If this is your case, you’re already way ahead. We looking for passionate people like you who want to make their dream come true.

We’re going to give you our support so that you can, finally, undertake your big challenge and become our brand ambassador for this year. We want you to feel important on this journey and will provide you with the leading role you deserve.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Participating in the #OrbeaChallenges and being eligible for the prize is simple. Access through the application shown below and tell us about your challenge.

We will select one of the challenges among those received, and support it in 2020. That’s what we did last year with Nora Turner. We remember how Nora wanted to “encourage women to try the most beautiful sport in the world”, while she was dreaming of “finishing the Ötzi marathon (Austria) and climbing onto the podium in first place in road and cyclo-cross events”. Due to her motivation, she was named Orbea ambassador in 2019.

We will announce the challenge selected and its protagonist on the 31 st of January, and this person will be named Orbea ambassador. You have until then to submit your nomination.


From Orbea, we also want to get you fully involved. As you know, we love challenges. For this reason, we’ll be sharing our own challenges with you for 2020, throughout this month.

We’ll tell you what our teams, our ambassadors, and even those people who work in different areas within our organisation are planning. An endless number of dreams and aspirations that we’ll be revealing to you through our social media.

Come and participate and share this initiative with the hashtag #OrbeaChallenges. 2020 might turn into to an unforgettable year. We’ll do everything in our power to make it happen.

Good luck!



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