15 November, 2023

Orbea – European Conference on Social Economy

This week we welcomed several figures from the Social Economy area after being chosen as an exemplary organization within the event “European Conference on Social Economy“.

During the visit, we were able to share that we have 1,000 employees worldwide, 80% of whom are in the Basque Country. We have a demonstrated commitment to society that is reflected in a high employability and a high proportion of female employment with 35% of the workforce, far above the 22% average in the Basque Country. The gender wage gap of 11% is also notably lower than the territory average of 19.5% on top of an above median salary level.

Orbea demonstrates that it is possible to manufacture in Europe and be competitive; that it is possible to be a worldwide reference brand as a cooperative; and above all, that we are better when we share the wealth and not only when losses are distributed throughout society.”

– CEO, Dani Martinez

The proof is in our actions: we consistently dedicate almost 20% of our profits to the different solidarity and social action funds as an established rule.

We will continue pedaling to consolidate the position we have achieved and to continue generating wealth, while sharing it with society.