6 March, 2020


Can you hear it? Listen carefully; it’s the machinery Orbea has on offer for you to test ride any of our bikes before buying it. Part of this groupset, is our super team of specialists, who are out to help you to make the right choice.

This is our Orbea Demo Program, a superb range of events to obtain the answer to that big question: How do you know whether the bike that keeps you up at night fits your needs exactly? The answer is simple: by testing it. It’s a matter of bike ranges and models, but also includes bike sizes, ergonomics and performance.

It’s also of utmost importance for us. We love finding the time to be with you, getting to know your concerns and provide you with the best solution. Having you involved on this journey makes our day.


Did you know there are thousands of shops all over the world with Orbea bikes just waiting for you? It’s one of the advantages of having a dealer network that makes us feel proud. We are a great team!

If you’re interested in testing a bike, just follow these steps: visit the Orbea website, locate your nearest dealer, check out the bike your interested in and set a test date.

Then, just get out there and enjoy yourself! Don’t forget your helmet and take a ride on the model you’ve selected. Your dealer will give you all the help you need and suggest a track to test the bike’s performance and might even ride out with you.

I bet you feel like taking a test ride? Access through this link:



The demo activities are a different ball game altogether. These are arranged regularly in different parts of the world so that people like you can have direct access to our bikes.

Do you want to know them a little better?


If you’re one of those people who know what they want and are looking for the best possible experience, the Orbea Weekends fit you like a glove. These are exclusive brand events with a 100% Orbea flavour. Absolutely mouth-watering!

We put together the best circuits and suggest riding along with you. The Orbea Weekends are scheduled throughout the year, in Spain (Madrid), France (Bordeaux), Belgium (Beringen) or Germany (Weselberg).

The set up is similar to the festivals, where testing our bike models turns into a top experience. No question about it. A team of professional mechanics at your service and our ambassadors set to go out pedalling with you.


If you’re into nearby and highly personalized events our dealers’ Orbea Demos are an excellent option.

Take a guided ride with a dealer (and other participants in the demo). Giving you a chance to get a full understanding of the bike’s performance. This is particularly appreciated when riding the Gain, Wild FS or Terra bike models that belong to more leading-edge gravel or e-bike categories. Just to spice up the conversation, it’s quite common for the sessions to conclude exchanging views over a little something to eat and drink.


We love participating in festivals. Our stands include some of our bike models ready for testing and others you won’t find anywhere else, exclusively for exhibition.

Festivals are excellent events for meeting our ambassadors and teams and have them share all their experience with you. You can also go out for a ride with them. In a nutshell, they’ll be at your disposal to make you feel part of the elite cycling world.

Sea Otter Europe (Girona-Costa Brava), Vélo Vert Festival (France), Italian Bike Test, Leisure Lakes (United Kingdom) or Roc D’Azur (France), are dates that are branded in our calendar. We take our full range and showcase all our best weapons. Depending on which festival, we exhibit our more evolved models and most leading-edge technology. Always on the look out to meet you needs for new riding sensations.