Orbea Demo Tour: Want to share our passion for bikes?

One of the resolutions we have made at Orbea for 2017 is to get a little closer to you. It’s a goal that we have been working towards since last year, when we initiated the Closer to you strategy that has provided very good experiences for us, bringing to a close one of Orbea’s best years.

During this time, we have promoted Demos and attended many trade fairs around the world, with the idea of joining our passion for cycling with yours. The feedback we get at these events, such as at Unibike and other trade fairs, has prompted us to take a new step in your direction with the launching of the great #OrbeaDemoTour, which will travel soon around your country.

The expectation generated every time we have launched a test has confirmed to us that you want to try out the latest Orbea models, which makes us feel proud. That's why we’ve expanded the dates and the number of distributors that participate in this initiative – up to two events per weekend – so no one misses the chance to test an Orbea.

At the #OrbeaDemoTour, you’ll have available up to 14 bicycles per test of our models most in demand: Avant, Occam, Loki and Wild. What’s more, to make the experience even more personal, each Demo will have experts on hand to show you the features of each model while you test them out on the roads and trails.

An expert staff mechanic will fine tune your Orbea before the route. That way you can see perfectly all the advantages and features the model has to offer: the comfort of the Avant, the freedom of the Occam, the versatility of the Loki and the new horizons that the Wild, our most savage ebike, opens up for you.

All the dates of the #OrbeaDemoTour

So you don’t miss out on any of the news, dates and places for the #OrbeaDemo, you can visit our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), where we will create events and you can exchange experiences, opinions and impressions with us, both before and after the event.

If you share our passion for cycling and bicycles, you won’t want to miss out on this date. Choose your distributor and the date that works best for you and wait no more. See you at the #OrbeaDemo!

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