13 May, 2018

Orbea Enduro Team: This is how we did at EWS #3 in France!

After two days of top-level competition, mud, rain and a lot of excitement, our Orbea Enduro Team riders have conquered a new edition of the world’s premiere enduro competition. A race where the expected hardships of the trail in the technical and physical department were joined with the mud, which played a starring role throughout the competition.

In the world enduro capital this weekend, Olargues – Montagnes du Caroux, Thomas Lapeyrie returned to competition in fantastic form, earning 13th place in the overall rankings of this Enduro World Series competition, two short minutes behind the first place finisher, American Richie Rude.

“I can’t believe it”, declared Thomas with excitement upon finishing the competition. “My body was suffering so much all the weekend but I never give up […] I can say now the worst period is in my back , just have to work hard now to found back my strength”, He observed before thanking the fans for their support: “Thank you so much everyone for screaming, crying and all messages “.

Meanwhile, Becky Cook has proven her worth and competitive spirit by repeating the ranking she earned in both Chile and Colombia: nothing short of 10th place among the beset enduro riders in the world. What’s more, she did it stopping the clock a few short seconds from ninth place.

As for the results of the youngest riders on the team, Gabriel Torralba finished the competition in 56th place, while Javier San Román was eliminated from this round of the Enduro World Series in the second of eight timed segments. In the end, the very young riders lived a new experience that allowed them to immerse themselves in the best enduro atmosphere and continue to learn for the immediate future.

EWS #3 France MyO

To take on this new round of competition, the Orbea Enduro Team riders debuted Rallon models customized with Myo for the occasion.

-Thomas Lapeyrie-

-Becky Cook-

-Gabriel Torralba-

-Javier San Román-

We’ll soon dedicate an article in our blog to these rides. Stay tuned!

Ambassadors at the top of the podium

Our ambassador and Orbea Factory Team rider Tomi Misser was the fastest in the two days in the Master 40 category, which allowed him to climb to the top of the podium, with a two-minute advantage over the next place finisher.

At the same time, the young Cai Grocott earned a fantastic tenth place in the sub 21 category in what was his debut alongside Orbea in a competition like the Enduro World Series.

The team is headed back home to recharge their batteries and prepare for the next round of the world’s greatest enduro competition, which will be held on the border between Austria and Slovenia on June 30-July 1.

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