22 March, 2023

Orbea Factory Team takes on the Cape Epic

Your source for all of Ibon Zugasti and Alice Pirard’s South African exploits throughout the authentic adventure that is the renowned stage race. Check back on this page to make sure you don’t miss out on team updates after every stage!

First day in Cape Town

Ibon finally makes it to South Africa to compete in the Cape Epic. To do so he’ll need to fine tune his new Oiz, try on his new uniform and, above all, meet and train with his future race partner, Belgian Alice Pirard.

Prologue stage

Our team starts off strong with good feelings in this short but intense stage. Amped up by the first-day race atmosphere and playful terrain, even the long day won’t be able to erase the smiles from our riders’ faces!

Things heat up in Stage 1

Past the pre-race logistics, the team can now get their heads totally in the race in the first full-length stage. Our riders have nearly 100 km to get the lay of the land and scope out their competitors today; the prospects are bright!

Settling in to Stage 2

A long, hot and dry stage will put our riders’ patience and grit to the test. Today is all about sticking with the pack and keeping a cool head, but with the right teammate and attitude, all things are possible!

Turning the Tides in Stage 3

Well rested and with something to prove after stage two, the team takes advantage of the arduous climbs and descents to show what the new Oiz is capable of and launch themselves into a new position… Will they be able to maintain it as the Cape conditions change?

Pushing Hard in Stage 4

Just past the equator of the race, our riders take on the short but demanding timetrial route. Nearly 50km of singletrack with plenty of punchy climbs test their remaining strength. Alice predicts that the real race will begin in the final stages- we’ll have to keep watching to find out!

Stage 5 Gets Complicated

These riders can do it all! The race takes quite a few interesting turns in stage 5. Changing conditions, a mechanical and even obligatory dismounting during the course prove to be no matter to our riders as they advance past their competitors effortlessly. Can they hold the lead until the very end? Stay tuned!

Stage 6 Presents Drastic Contrasts

Some critical moments in the mud appear to threaten our team’s lead but keeping calm gets them back on track. It’s hard to say if the slight remaining lead is any consolation to our riders crossing the finish line covered from head to toe in muck. No one promised it would be easy, they only said it would be Epic!

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