The passion has been unleashed and in just fifteen days more than 1,700 athletes have answered the call of the Orbea Indoor 500 Challenge. Our numbers and dedication are growing – we stay at home, but we continue with physical activity thanks to this Strava Club Challenge.


This is exciting! We are witnessing a movement of passionate people who open the doors of their homes to show us where they train. Some pedal to the rhythm of music; others attacking on the Tourmalet or competing on MTB race circuits thanks to the magic of interactive online training.

Some people compete on the terrace, in the storage room and even in the private gym while watching the snow falling outside. There are also those who share paella recipes and the glass of wine that awaits when getting off the rollers. We are having fun.


We invite you to join our Orbea club on Strava, where have already over 11,000 members. As a club member you will be able to participate in this great event.

Hurry, we’ve been on the move for two weeks now! We’ll present you with various challenges – win one and receive great prizes. Do you want to know who has won during these first fifteen days of challenges?

Orbea kit to one lucky winner among those who reach 500km (310 miles) on the roller: Fritz Gesell
Orbea Factory Team kit among those who reach 500 minutes of physical activity: Paola Galvis
Cape Epic kit among those who join the event: Ella van der Veer
Orbea kit to whoever reaches 500km (310 miles) on the roller first Markel Orive
Orbea casual apparel pack to among those who upload the most original photo: Marc Farré
Cape Epic casual apparel pack to among those who upload the most original video: Borja Valdes
casual apparel pack to among those who share their activity as a family: Álvaro Lázaro

If your name appears here, congratulations! We will be contacting you shortly to thank you for participating and to confirm the great news.


Would you like to be in the mix? Now is the time: we start another two weeks where your training (cyclist or otherwise) could be rewarded. These are the challenges and prizes that are up for grabs until April 12. On the 14th we will announce the next round of winners.

-We will randomly award one Orbea jersey among those who achieve the Itzulia Time Trial Challenge. The objective is to complete on the trainer the 21.1km time trial distance that was scheduled in Itzulia (Tour of the Basque Country). You will have to maintain an average of at least 40kph to beat the goal of 31:39
-We will randomly award an Orbea Factory Team jersey to those who reach 500 minutes of physical activity.
-We will randomly award, among all the people who join the challenge, one of the jerseys that our riders would have exhibited at the Cape Epic.
-We will randomly award an Orbea jersey among all the people who complete half the distance that it was planned for this year’s Itzulia (897.9 km). Therefore, at least 448.95 km.

In addition to participating in Strava, you have the option to participate in the Orbea Indoor Challenge on Instagram and Facebook, where we reward and publish the most original contributions. Use #Orbea500Challenge hashtag and share your photos or videos in action.

-We will award an Orbea Casual Clothing Pack among those who upload the best original photos.
-We will award an Orbea Casual Clothing Pack designed for the Cape Epic among those who upload the best original videos
-We will randomly award an Orbea Casual Clothing Pack among those who share their family activities.


Various partner brands are also participating in the Orbea Indoor Challenge, giving out “flash” prizes to those who achieve specific daily challenges: for those who pedal the longest distance, for those who do the longest activities, etc… Cycling equipment, saddles, nutrition kits or cleaning equipment have been the awards to date, thanks to brands such as ŠkodaFundación EuskadiSelle ItaliaIsostarWNTfizik or Muc-Off.

Stefan Gerlach, Cristian González, Iker González and Enric Marín have won “flash” awards in the first two weeks. Soon new articles, new brands and new challenges will be added.


In addition to the activities and prizes, the Orbea Indoor Challenge comes with a program of events to make your days at home more bearable.

For the first two weeks, we’ve broadcast live on Instagram in collaboration with our teams, ambassadors and friends. From training sessions on the rollers, physical preparation and stretching, to content for the whole family, such as videos with prestigious Basque Country chefs, we’re streaming regularly!

Do you want to know the schedule for the coming days on the different platforms?

Also don’t forget to enjoy the videos and documentaries on our YouTube channel.

Join the movement. Hundreds of users are joining the ORBEA INDOOR 500 CHALLENGE daily. Don’t let anything stop you.


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