3 February, 2018

Orbea Instagram Challenge: Thanks to everyone!

You’ve surprised us one again. When we invited you to design the bicycle of your dreams last October using MyO to celebrate that there were already 100,000 of us on Instagram, we never imagined the number, quality and variety of the designs we were going to receive: Spain, USA, UK, France, Portugal, Argentina, Germany, Algeria, Turkey, Brazil… more than 6,500 bicycles you designed were submitted from all corners of the planet, including road bikes, mountain bikes, etc….

Erdem Şen, from Turkey, is the winner of the Orbea Instagram Challenge, although the winning bike was the Orbea Orca Special Edition that we presented to you this week. In the last deciding Instagram pool of the contest, the bike we entered in the #OrbeaInstagramChallenge – whose special design honors this social network that is so special to us- received the most votes from our users, who enthusiastically supported it.

We put Erdem in a tough position by giving him the choice between the bike of his dreams, the Orca Aero he designed, and our Orbea Orca Special Edition, which he immediately fell in love with. After thinking long and hard about which one he would take, Erdem chose the Orbea Orca Special Edition. Because sometimes reality can surpass even your dreams.

An explosion of creativity

We would like to thank everyone who has turned out for this challenge, in which we urged you to create the bike of your dreams using  using MyO. The response has exceeded our every expectation:6,529 designs!

Out of all of them, only 16 – those you gave the most votes – survived and reached the final phase of the #OrbeaInstagramChallenge, which we held throughout the month of January, with elimination rounds, using the survey option on Instagram Stories. Altogether, we have received more than one hundred thousand votes that just go to show the passion for bicycles that exists in our user community.

It’s been some very exciting weeks, closely following the progress of the votes and trying to guess (us too!) which designs would reach the final. We want to thank all of you who have given free rein to – and shared – your creativity.

The #OrbeaInstagramChallenge is now ending, but the passion for bikes continues every day on our Instagram channel, where we experience cycling in a special way. We invite you to follow us on this social network, because over the next few months, there will be more surprises that will allow us to keep on dreaming about bicycles.

What’s more, as we promised, we also have a winner of the R10 helmet we’re giving away to one luck winner from among everyone who has participated in this contest. The winner is… María Espinar! Congratulations! You win a top-notch helmet in terms of protection, aerodynamics, light weight and ventilation. Enjoy!!