5 April, 2019

#OrbeaTerritory: Where is your favorite place to ride?

Our #OrbeaTerritory is, always has and always will be the Basque Country. We were founded here in 1840, we've live here and we ride our bikes here. We want to show you what makes this place so special, but we also want to hear about yours. Can you tell us about your #OrbeaTerritory?

This is the place to find every #OrbeaTerritory around the world.

We're creating one, giant map with all the territories where an Orbea bike is ridden, using Strava to mark every #OrbeaTerritory around the world. Do you know how to mark your #OrbeaTerritory?

Join our official Strava group and share an activity in your normal cycling region. Add the hashtag #OrbeaTerritory to mark a new location on the map and you’re all set. Any guesses where we'll find the most remote location?

Join Orbea Strava

We invite you to visit our #OrbeaTerritory

Would you like to tour the Orbea factory in Mallabia? Ride one of the most spectacular coastlines on the planet? Conquer the mythical mountain passes of World Tour competitions or ride through one-of-a-kind landscapes?

If you’ve already marked your #OrbeaTerritory on our Strava map, you’re very close to discovering our very own #OrbeaTerritory.

We’re holding a drawing for the first ever #OrbeaTerritory experience, which includes spending three days in the Basque Country with us.

Day 1: Visit to our facilities in Mallabia
Day 2: A road or MTB adventure
Day 3: Tour of Donostia / San Sebastián

To keep you inspired, we'll be showing you different territories through the eyes of our own Orbea staff on this blog.

How to enter:

1. Join our official Strava group, share an activity in your home region and claim it as #OrbeaTerritory

2. Complete the form below

You have until April 30 to participate. On that day, we’ll announce who will join us in the Basque Country and discover the original #OrbeaTerritory.

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