3 December, 2019


Wild FS is a bike that takes you to the most remote corners of your dreams. Intelligent design and sophisticated suspension combine in the world’s first customizable e-MTB.

Available in three versions — full carbon, front carbon triangle with aluminum rear, and full aluminum — the whole Wild FS family shares the same platform and technologies, with endless configurations available on MyO.

Take a closer look at the Wild FS and find the best model that suits your style.


We’ve designed the bike’s geometry to balance efficient pedal strokes with progressive kinematics that take advantage of its 160 mm cranks. The result is a bike that exceeds the expectations of the most advanced riders, yet welcomes novice cyclists who, above all, seek comfort and reliable performance.

With this in mind, the bike features a head angle of 65.5º, an advanced pedaling position that guarantees reliability and control, and a longer top tube to keep you mobile without losing your balance.

Another design factor is the lower bottom bracket height, allowing natural and intuitive movement. Expanding from the bottom bracket, each connecting arm of the frame contributes to the bike’s efficiency and creates a wheelbase that provides stability at high speeds. The 160 mm facilitates a better pedaling cadence that, in turn, increases the performance of the e-bike engine.

The Wild FS tracks confidently on trail, securing your rein of the mountains in any direction, and literally grips the ground under your feet. That feeling is enhanced by 29” wheels that increase versatility and speed, and 2.6” tires that lock into the trail for more traction in corners and while braking.

Suspension is key for the Wild FS. We’ve upgraded the 2020 version to 160 mm front and rear travel, compared to 150 and 140, respectively, in 2019. To ensure the best kinematics and riding behavior, we put the bike through countless tests to determine the suspension’s sweet spot with a recommended SAG between 25-30%.


To power the Wild FS, we’ve equipped every model with the 4th generation Bosch Performance CX engine because of its natural power distribution while pedaling.

The engine is powered by a removable and easily accessible 625 Wh internal battery, located in the down tube, integrating seamlessly into your bike and your riding style. A secondary battery mount is located on the front triangle and holds an optional 500 Wh battery, powering up your adventures to 1125 Wh and bringing far-off rides within reach. Alternatively, forego the second battery and use the mount to install a bottle cage with capacity for a multi-tool.


The high-end model is made entirely of OMR carbon, but alloy is found throughout the rest of the range. In bikes designed with aluminum, hydroformed tubes are joined by polish welds, resulting in smooth frames with aesthetics that match their carbon counterparts. Those same polished welds provide functional advantages that add integral strength to joints that see the most tension on the frame.

Discover the combination of materials by model:

And with 1 million possible configurations on the MyO platform, you can customize the Wild FS to your unique liking. Use MyO for the full carbon model or MyO Lite for the other two models, picking your favorite combination of shock absorbers, brakes, forks, saddles, paint colors and plenty more components that will turn your e-bike into the right tool for any job.

The Wild FS is available in three sizes: SM, LG and XL.


It’s not just the construction of the Wild FS family that gets an update for 2020. Functional and aesthetic updates include a thoughtful keypad for the battery key and an exclusive, integrated design for the Bosch power display with three different mounting locations.

We reinforced durability and safety features throughout the bike, with protective covers on bases, braces, and the motor, and a tool-less removable carbon or polymer battery cover (depending on the model) to protect the battery from impact. We’ve also added a 164º turn stopper to prevent the fork from contacting the down tube.

All models share the same platform and tech, so no matter your choice, you’re sure to find Orbea’s high-performance quality shine in the most demanding terrain.

So the big question is: are you ready to regain control and take back your Wild?