9 May, 2018

We’re bike of the year in the United Kingdom!

One of the most influential road cycling magazine in the country, Cycling Plus, has crowned the Orca as its “Best Value Bike of the Year” while the Orca Aero was the second best Aero of the year and third best debut bike.

After “continuous innovations and technological development over the years, the current design (of the Orca) is the best yet,” announced Cycling Plus, the distinguished British website that gave the Orca a score of 4.5 stars out of 5, designating it as Bike of the Year in the United Kingdom.

For this publication, the model selected in its tests –Orca M32–  brings with it “the precision of engineering, combined with strength,” making its performance one of its best features for Cycling Plus, “efficient on the uphill climbs, but not too extenuating on the open road,” and downhill on the asphalt is when it really flies. Another point that got their attention was its acceleration: “It’s sharp enough to be very fun.”

In terms of its geometry, the Brits maintain that the Orca has “normal angles,” with a 73º angle at the head tube and 73.5º at the seatpost, while its “relatively short” wheelbase – a total of 991 mm – and a “fairly low” bottom bracket make it “easy to ride on all types of asphalt” on which it has been tested.

It also highlighted its great steering precision and its “satisfactory handling, even on the most technical stretches.”Without a doubt, the Orca M32 has been positioned as a bike that stands out for its “overall specifications, refined steering and appearance.”

Orca Aero completes the podium

The Orca Aero family was also present at the awards given by Cycling Plus for “Best Aero of the year” and “Best debut” to complete our awards podium in the United Kingdom.

Specifically, the Orca Aero M20 Team was selected as the second best Aero bicycle of the year and also the third best debut bike for the same period. This model has taken center stage around the world since its launch, having been described with terms like “culmination,” “landmark” and “top model.”

Being selected by Cycling Plus, the top-selling publication in Britain, makes the Orca Aero the top bicycle in the United Kingdom, but praise for this bicycle is nothing new. Global Cycling News (GCN), another distinguished media source dedicated to cycling in this region, was adamant in its assessment of our model a few months ago, describing it as being “more aerodynamic” than its competitors.

In the showcase, alongside the Avant

The awards earned by both the Orca and the Orca Aero are added to the British trophy case inaugurated by the Avant after it charmed Cycling Plus in both 2017 and 2014.

Last year this British publication granted it its “Highly commended” seal, giving a score of 4.5 out of 5 to our most endurance model. For this magazine, the Avant family is “an extraordinarily comfortable bike: it has a smooth ride and precise, light handling,” while it recommended this “light endurance” model for “riding all those kilometers comfortably.”

In this respect, the publication applauded technical innovations such as the polyurethane inserts that we have introduced in the frame construction process, in order to reduce vibrations, or the 10-mm longer fork that permits the use of wider tires.

But Cycling Plus has had its eye on the Avant for some time now. In 2014, the British publication baptized the model as “Disk Brake Bike of the year 2014.”It then went on to extol the bike for its “fantastic assembly designed for an excellent ride, with an unbeatable brake system,” while maintaining that the sensations on it were simply “spectacular.

Like last year, in 2014 they praised numerous technological details that we continue to apply and develop on all our bicycles in order to continue to offer the latest innovations and, as a result, the best experience with our products.