7 May, 2018

Re-Discover: a day of adventure with Gain.

Video and text: Blanco en Botella – Pictures: Península Work

Many times we look to far-off paradises. We imagine trips to unknown countries, but we forget about what’s close to home. After spending the entire week between home and the office, you dream about getting away to those unknown places.

A good friend tells you about how on Sunday to took his Gain All Road out, with the only goal being to enjoy the day, to see what’s close by with the eyes of someone from one of those countries he’s dreaming about. Before the sun was even up, he had already started his adventure and had discovered a trail half an hour from his house that offered him a spectacular view of the sunrise.

He only needed to follow that trail to discover a rocky landscape, dominated by vultures and to feel how close nature and the animals around him are. Sharing his journey with them. There’s no Strava, no Garmin, no potentiometers. You can stop, admire, take a photo and keep on going.

Re-Discover means getting excited all over again with something that others might find routine. Explore and enjoy every instant on Gain D15, traveling down trails covered in gravel, asphalt, grass, mud, etc.