21 December, 2023

Reasons to ride

As 2023 draws to a close, we look back proudly on the path we have traveled and the people we have shared it with.


Orbea riders come from all over the world, from different backgrounds and cultures, but we are all united by a common passion. Thanks for coming along for the ride and we wish you happy holidays from all of us at Orbea!

These are the bikes we have launched this 2023


The feeling of a bike this light and efficient is unbeatable, and this instant acceleration, vibration absorption and responsive handling come from a frame which knows where it needs to be light and where it needs to be stiff.


Riding a hardtail is a choice, not a compromise, and if you choose Laufey, you are choosing to squeeze every last drop of fun from every ride.


Follow the pure essence of adventure with Occam SL, or smash boundaries and make the mountain your playground with Occam LT; if you are looking for a bike for the biggest adventures, no matter which Occam you choose, you are on the right trail.


Rider and bike working in perfect synergy, you are breathing hard and your heart is pumping but you are in control and having fun. Gain brings enough power to turn gravity down a bit but not dominate the ride or remove the satisfaction.

We Hope You Get Out And Ride.