31 March, 2021

Take A Lap with Gabriel Torralba

The town of Riglos (Spain) and its arid terrain shaped the versatile rider that Gabi Torralba is today. From the depths of the Pyrenees Mountains in Aragón, we explored Gabi’s small universe to find out about his roots and his environment. Humble and informal, the member of the Orbea FOX Enduro Team is an example for local young riders, who respect him for both his professional career and his friendly, spontaneous nature. Explore his world through this series of photos and videos.

“I began doing BMX and Downhill, but very soon I realized that what I liked was Enduro,” stresses the Aragonese rider, explaining how he got started in the discipline.

“Cycling has let me discover the world and has gotten me out of my small town, but at the same time, it makes me want to return to it”

“I’ve been here since the beginning of the Orbea FOX Enduro Team, and I’ve seen how it all came about, until it became one of the best teams in the world”

“The variety of my training helps me be a more complete rider”

“If you’re behind Gabi, you always see new lines that you had never imagined before”, indicates a young rider who hopes to be like Gabi in the future.

With regard to balancing cycling and life, he admits that he has inestimable help at home:”My mother and my partner help me control the balance between my professional and personal life”