28 April, 2021

Take a lap with Laura Charles

Laura Charles approaches life the same way she descends trails on her Rallon: with courage and determination. The French member of the Orbea FOX Enduro Team opens her world to us and shares what her day-to-day life is like in places like Ardèche and Auvergne (France) that thrive on Enduro. With laughter and familiarity, Laura reveals the facets of her life that make her an incredibly versatile rider. Dive into her world through this series of photos and videos.

“What I like the most about cycling is that you can be alone with nature”

“Riding a bicycle is freedom”

“Enduro is not just a men’s sport. There’s also a place for women. We just need to tell ourselves we can do it”

The Orbea FOX Enduro Team rider shares her love for cycling with her mother, who calls cycling a “wonderful passion”.

“What I admire about Orbea is that they have a huge range of bikes for every discipline”

“I’m very proud that she is currently among the best in the world”, admits her brother, Clement, Laura’s battle partner at the start of her career.

When it comes to competitions, she has massive support from her partner, Alex, emphasizing the value of having someone who “understands sports as you understand it”.