19 May, 2021

Take a lap with Vid Persak

Vid Persak and the forest have a magnetic bond. Growing up and training in Slovenia’s forested terrain, where he continues to live, helped shape the young Orbea FOX Enduro Team rider into the athlete he is today. He feels most alive in this habitat, especially when he’s on his bike. As an off-road athlete in love with Enduro, Vid welcomed us into his always-on-the-move life. Explore our gallery of photos and videos to learn more about our talented team rider.

“Without the joy and fun it is all ruined I guess”

“Without the joy and fun it is all ruined I guess”

“I would describe myself as a hardworking guy. I don´t need much, that´s why I´m happy!”

“I enjoy every season even more than the one before”

“In Orbea everyone is so passionate about the bikes, you feel like part of the family. It is people that make the factory”

“Especially I love to coach kids, I think kids are always so authentic in their attitude. They always show their real faces”

“Taking time for each other, that is the value you are looking for. I think that is what people are forgetting”