The best leadership team to tackle future challenges

Seven years ago we set out to grow big enough to make a difference, with a proposal that distinguished us from the rest of the market and the goal of becoming one of the brands most sought after by cyclists all over the world.

Today we have reached that goal by remaining true to our core values and corporate identity, thanks to the joint efforts of our whole organization, remaining united in pursuit of a clear, exciting, challenging vision.

“Orbea is now a cooperative that employs around 1000 people worldwide. We are present all over the world, as a recognized, sought-after brand. Now we are moving on to a new phase in which we will continue to push hard to meet the exciting challenges that riders and customers are setting us day by day”

Jon Fernández – Orbea CEO

As we step into this new stage, we are reorganizing. Jon has presented the new position of Sales Strategy Director, which is to be occupied by Gonzalo García de Salazar, former Global Sales Director. As he transitions into his new role, he will assist in the development of sales operations and strategies that Orbea needs to assure its position in each market.

“We are moving into a very exciting stage: as we continue to move forward in our various markets, we will also be further enriching our value proposal for the cycling community and for our dealers, with the aim of continuing to be a benchmark for the society in which we operate”

Gonzalo García de Salazar – Orbea Sales Strategy Director

To ensure that we are ready to undertake this new road, Gonzalo has appointed Nick Howe, who until now has been our US Country Manager, as Orbea’s new Global Sales Director. Nick will be responsible for leading the brand’s sales teams, aligning the strategies defined and helping to lead the building of the Orbea of the future.

Another major change is the appointment of Cary Tatro as our new US Country Manager, in the wake of his great work as our sales representative in Southern California.

They all share a passion for bikes that dates back decades, have broad experience in various management areas in the cycling industry, and have worked at benchmark brands in this and other industries. They have the in-depth knowledge of Orbea and the track records provided by stints at various posts within the brand prior to today’s appointments.

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