16 July, 2020

The “Bike of your Dreams” has found its owner

Oguzhan Topgul from the United States is one lucky cyclist.

Like many of you, Oguzhan submitted an answer to a question we asked you about our bike personalization program. His one-of-a-kind response had the unique creativity we were looking for – the condition against which we judged all answers.

Oguzhan’s answer involved a mind-melting math calculation using the Rallon M-LTD enduro bike as his starting point. He determined that his personalized bike design would be just one of 2,300 quintillion combinations available on MyO (that’s 2.3 followed by 33 zeros). His incredible effort stood out as a clear winner.

This was the answer he sent us:

Let’s pick a bike, Rallon M LTD MyO

I have:

2 finish options

22 main frame color options

22 secondary frame color options

21 Orbea Logo color options

21 Rallon Logo color options

4 Advanced Dynamics logo color options

2 Font Wheel Axle options

4 Seatpost options

2 Shock options

4 custom text color options

So when we calculate 2222221214242*4 = 109,283,328.

So it means I have almost 110 million color and spec combinations I can create.

Also I can put custom text up to 10 characters

So with 26 English letters I can create

26^10 = 141,167,095,653,376 ten letter texts

26^9 = 5,429,503,678,976 nine letter texts

26^8 = 208,827,064,576 eight letter texts

26^7 = 8,031,810,176 seven letter texts

26^6 = 308,915,776 six letter texts

26^5 = 11,881,376 five letter texts

26^4 = 456,976 four letter texts

26^3 = 17,576 three letter texts

26^2 = 676 two letter texts

26^1 = 26 one letter text

When I add them up

141,167,095,653,376 + 5,429,503,678,976 + 208,827,064,576 + 8,031,810,176 +

308,915,776 + 11,881,376 + 456,976 + 17,576 + 676 + 26 = 146,813,779,479,510 different

text which will have 10 or fever characters

it is 146 trillion possible text in one text area

I have two text areas which will 146 trillion times 146 trillion equals to 2.155428585 x 10^28.

Which means I have around 21 Octillion possible text options

We’re almost there,

So we have around 21 Octillion text and 110 million color and spec combinations I can

The total possible Rallon M LTD combinations I can create with MyO program is around
“2310 Decillion” which is 2310 followed by 33 zeros. You can also call that “2.3 Undecillion”.
So when I personalize my Rallon M LTD, it will be one of 2.3 Undecillion bikes.

So awesome. Now it’s up to our winner to whittle down the 2,300 quintillion options and choose an Orbea model to personalize. That might just be the biggest challenge of all. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared clever answers with us!